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Forget diamonds, designer handbags ARE a girl’s best friend!

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History Of Women's Purses

While in early times the handbag was much more practical and mostly used by men, today the purse has evolved into a fashion statement with high end brands like Gucci, Hermes, Coach,

Louis Vuitton and Prada and the handbag is certainly a girl's most favorite accessory. Ancient civilizations saw purses as much more practical instead of being a fashion statement. They were generally little circular cut bits of material which possessed a leather strap that was first sewn around the circumference of the purse to keep its' strength and security. Early pouches as they were called were utilized by males primarily to hold, money and other valuables. Usually these were tied to their swords or belts to keep them safe and secure. These are depicted in early Egyptian hieroglyphics. They were greatly regarded as a man's product because ladies had very little need to carry anything since most were too poor. pouches since they weren't usually rich enough to need one.

Nowadays handbags are not just a requisite fashion accessory, but a complete requirement for most women. All women love their handbags and carry them with pleasure and not just for their functional attributes but also because they complete our outfits and are a true fashion statement. We delight in showing them off to other people, especially envious girlfriends and of course we love to talk about our bags.

Handbags started to become popular in the 16th century during late medieval and renaissance times. Purses, that were bigger in size, used to be worn diagonally across the body by both men and women. Those handbags used to be especially considered essential by travelers as they can easily carry lots of stuff with them. The wealth or reputation of the carrier of the bag was usually conveyed with jewels that were on the bag. The 17th century observed further assortment in purses; they grew smaller and took on several complicated styles with the use of embroidery to make them more attractive and pretty.

The 18th century was when Reticules, as handbags were named at the time, first made their appearance. Reticules soon evolved into a complete fashion accessory and statement. The usefulness factor of handbags even though remaining essential began to provide for the fashion of the purse which in turn was why women chose a specific style of handbag for their clothing. Fashion magazines were mainly responsible for making purses a fashion statement as they started to comment about the top handbags to utilize for particular occasions, events and destinations. This procured the necessity to have various purses for unique settings. Handbags continued to be practical but not merely for the reason that travelers needed to carry a bag, but to tote other private female items such as perfumes, fans and cosmetics, such as powder and rouge.

The name handbag instead of Reticule started to be included in the earlier part of the 20th century. At first the word was used for man's traveling bag but soon after the terminology of handbag referred to a bigger purse utilized by ladies. Every ten years of the 20th century found advancements in the style of handbags. In the 1920s ladies carried several handbags that didn’t inevitably complement garments. War time of the 1940s required the use of unique fabrics since there was a deficit of conventional resources and therefore plastic and wood started to be used for creating handbags.

The 1950s are the center of growth of designer fashion and style. A few unique designers won popularity for making purses which were exceptional because they were both stunning and sophisticated in their appearance. Favorite designers included big names that we still now today, like Hermes, Vuitton, and Prada.

The final half of the 20th century boasts technological advancements and the creation of brand new materials as well as textiles for purses such as waterproof canvas and faux, Development in the functions of manufacturing resulted in handbags being made at a reduced price, letting a larger variety of consumers to purchase gorgeous handbags at much more reasonable costs than previously seen. Today, as we all know, many designer handbags can still cost lots of money. A price that many ladies can and will will gladly pay for the prominence of having an exclusive purse that their pals and additional probable admirers lack.

The history of purses sure has evolved and actually like we often see in fashion has come back around. While initially it was men who used purses, it then became a ladies thing and grew to become a huge fashion phenomenon. But, as we see currently there has been a revisit to men owning purses and toting them as a fashion accessory as well as more and more men are looking to own a handbag, or Manbag or Murse.

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