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2013 Prom Fashion Trends

It’s that time of the year again and prom is right around the corner and designers all over have released their 2013 prom fashion trends. Make sure you know what to expect when looking for that glamorous gown!

Even though you have probably been pointing out prom dresses for years now, start planning as early as possible. Designers come out with their prom fashions for the next year usually starting in October. When picking out a dress make sure to really test it out. You will after probably go out to dinner in it, try to fit into a limo bus or town car of some kind, dance the night away, etc. If your dress is to princess poofy, you may compromise some of your fun.

Realize that your dream dress or style may not be available when the time comes or you and/or your parents may not be able to afford it. This is where planning ahead comes in. It will be a lot easier to find a $300 version of your dream dress for $1500. Also, maybe you will find that you love a sexier style that perhaps your parents don’t agree with. Planning ahead will give you time to compromise and sit down with your parents to have a mature conversation about your choice. You don’t want to have a last minute brawl, resulting in puffy eyes for prom!

Hire a hair stylist and makeup artist! A professional makeup artist will do your makeup to look flawless in the lights you will be under and especially on camera; you will appreciate the result forever! Don’t go cheap on your stylists, use a proven professional. Look at portfolios and maybe even schedule a consult/trial. Do expect the makeup to be slightly heavier than normal, special occasion makeup usually is. You can try doing your own but that unfortunately opens the door for a world of mistakes, so why not stay stress free?!

Now for the most important part…dress trends:

Formal Fashion Week showcased a number of extra feminine looks for 2013. Look number one is a romantic goddess in the distance whose hair and dress is flowing in the wind. To achieve this angelic look, go with an elegant chiffon gown.

Stay sweet and sexy for your prom by showing less bare skin and more sheer fabric! Long sleeved gowns, high necklines, and long dresses with sheer all over create a very sexy silhouette with a classy touch. So make a stylish statement with elegant floor-length dresses with sheer, sheer, sheer.

Next on the list for a sexy style is an abundance of lace. Lace covering cut outs on a dress and layers of lace all over the dress makes a pretty perfect look. Go for lace fabrics that are all one color, which is a huge trend this year! There are also some beauty benefits to wearing lace gowns, have your makeup artist use a shimmer eye shadow to compliment your dress and it will highlight your face in pictures!

For a mix between sheer-sexy and sheer-classy, go sheer-beaded. Hand beaded gowns and accessories are also trending with beaded gowns in almost every designer’s showcases for this year. With beads covering those sheer areas, it gives you a feel of ‘cover-up.’ Sparkle as you walk through the door and dance through the night with beads of all shapes and colors… or go a step further with sequins!

Lastly, go Barbie for prom 2013 with ruffles! Ruffles up top or down below is all the rage this year! Yes, ruffles are back in true ball gown, Miss America fashion! Ruffles are on almost every different styles: short, long, high-low! This will definitely make a statement!

The most important thing to remember for prom is to have fun and look gorgeous!

Jenny Houston is a professional blogger that writes for NightMovesProm.com, a leading designer of prom dresses and Quinceanera gowns.