3 Vital Fashion Tips For Men In Their 40s

It could very well be the stereotypes of the Hollywood blockbusters, but being 40 years old has been associated with the middle life crisis. Irrespective of whether entering the fourth decade of your life implies a turning point for you, in my opinion this is just as good as a time to evaluate yourself and your style.

Does turning 40 imply completely changing your wardrobe? Will you look ridiculous if you continue to wear the same garments as when you were 30? Do all your clothes have to yield sobriety and be part of the formal business attire? These are the 3 questions that I hope to provide a clear answer to by the end of this guide.

Your wardrobe should mature with you

I know, most of the specialized men fashion sites claim that 40s is the new 30s. However clear this statement may be, the truth is that it actually implies upgrading your current attires for more luxury. In other words, even though you can continue wearing jumpers, cardigans and your favorite type of trousers, you need to pay a bit more attention to the materials, cuts, color and accessories you want to wear them with.

If you ask me, luxurious is not about chasing labels, but more like keeping it simple, tasteful, relaxed, versatile and of quality at the same time. So basically, instead of the flashy, bulky ties and daring prints, a man in his 40s would look his best dressed in solid colors and unpretentious, pair-down prints. In addition to keeping your wardrobe simple, don't forget to make sure that:

  • Your garments have clean and crisp lines
  • The clothes include smooth lines that break down your frame (the simplest way to obtain a polished and sexy appearance)
  • Complement your outfits by maintaining clean-shaved and well-groomed look

Dress to impress, but don't overdo it

I've seen many men erroneously believing that in order to impress, they have to always stick to the formal, business style attire when they turn 40. However, what may work for your office, will not necessarily be suitable for all settings. While I have to admit that you need to stand by your elegant style, the best approach implies slightly under-dressing for graceful evening attires. Therefore, you should consider:

  • Wearing a cardigan instead of the sports coat
  • Consider rolling up the sleeves of your shirt
  • You definitely must lose that bib-width tie
  • Swap your suit pants and put on a pair of straight leg jeans
  • Your casual loafers are a great alternative to your pair of Black Derby shoes

Wear accessories that add that perfect touch of elegance

Well gentlemen, your 40s is the best type to start looking for a hat that suits your face and that you can transform into your trademark. However, I must warn you that a hat is not for any man and in order for it to become a trademark, you need to experiment and find that perfect one that defines you.

Furthermore, I want to emphasize on the fact that wearing a hat is usually perceived as a sign of confidence and let's face it, this feature has always been the most attractive quality of a man. Don't worry if you're not a hat person though, as you can still pull it off with:

  • A pair of supple leather gloves

Because they can be worn with anything that you prefer, from neat trenches to camel overcoats  having a stylish pair of leather gloves means that you can easily flatter both your business and casual attire. For instance, a pair of black leather gloves is an easy and interesting way to get a sophisticated appearance. At the same time, a pair of colorful gloves is exactly what you need to add a touch of contrast into your outfit. In case you are looking for a timeless accessory that goes well in every setting, then you could always opt for a pair of driving gloves.

  • The silk scarf

As I mentioned in the beginning of the guide, turning 40 is all about upgrading, therefore, it would be a good idea to replace that oversized knit scarf with a classier and smoother silk scarf. On the other hand, if you want to play it safe, then you could go for the classic and simple camel scarf since they usually go well with most outfits.

Chad loves to blog about the newest trends in men's fashion. He often provides tips on classy gentlemen's wear and also on how to find the street clothing style that suits younger men best.