5 Best-Dressed and Most Casual Cities in America

By analyzing the restaurant dress codes of several well-known cities, it is simple to rank the best-dressed and most casual cities in America. This method is confirmed by analyzing the median ages and incomes of the cities noted. The basic premise of this method is that cities with a lot of high-end restaurants that require their patrons to dress up will also have a lot of well-dressed residents. Comparing these findings to age and income also supported the common belief that older, wealthier people dress better than others.

The top five best-dressed cities in America are:
1. Beverly Hills, CA
2. Palm Beach, FL
3. Honolulu, HI
4. Washington, DC
5. Scottsdale, AZ

These cities had the most professional restaurant dress codes, including many restaurants that required their patrons to wear jackets or at least dress business casual. Residents of these cities tended to be older and wealthier than the national average.

The five most casually-dressed cities in America are:
1. Boulder, CO
2. Oakland, CA
3. Bloomington, IL
4. Newark, NJ
5. Sonoma, CA

Most restaurants in these cities were happy to serve patrons with casual dress. City residents were also younger and poorer than the national average, with the notable exception of Sonoma on both counts.

Thus, the trend seems to be that cities with classy restaurants and an older, wealthier population dress best, whereas cities with more casual restaurants and a younger, poorer population dress more casually.

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