5 Ways to Get the Perfect Wedding on a Budget

All brides love to look their perfect best on their wedding days. Getting that perfect bridal look may often take months' preparation. There are many tasks involved that include selecting the accessories, the makeovers, and of course, the bridal gown. Yet, you do not need to spend a fortune to attain that perfect look. And accessories become important here. A wise use of accessories can often win the day for you.

Add Accents to Your Wedding Gown

You can often start with a simple white gown and accentuate it with accessories to prepare a perfect bridal get-up. Keep an eye out for the sample sales or the end of prom season sales. You can often find great deals on wedding gowns at these places. This will reduce your expenses on the wedding attire. And once you have got a simple gown, you can always dress it up with a choice set of accessories to look your best.

You can make use of many different accessories to accentuate your gown. Rhinestone accents look great on plain satin gowns. Wedding sashes decked with seed beads are also one very popular choice. The sashes look great on trumpet or a-line gowns, but they fit equally well with plain gowns, too.

Get a Beautiful Veil

Veils are often the crucial part of your accessories. A perfect match of the veil and the gown is important for a bridal dress. Birdcage veils, for example, serve to create a great vintage look. Nothing can dramatize your look more than long, beautiful, flowing veils. You can also consider using a fingertip veil done up in the colors of your wedding dress and accessories.

Crown Your Dress with Beautiful Head Accessories

Doing up your hair in an attractive fashion is another crucial section of your bridal dress-up. The site of your wedding may also influence your choice of head accessories. For example, seashell combs and starfish hair pins are perfect accessories for beach weddings. Again, if you are after a vintage appearance, go for rhinestone combs patterned with floral accents.

You can also use tiaras for a classier look. You can either use the tiara separately or can pair it up with the veil. Tiaras accentuated with crystal beads or pearl flowers look great on ball gowns. For lace gowns, one can use the rhinestone tiaras.

Get Creative With Flowers

The bridal hair flowers often go a long way to set the tone for the party and give it a bright and cheerful look. From the flower girls to the bridesmaids, all will love to accentuate their dresses with beautiful hair flowers. The flowers come in an array of styles and you will find something to match every dress.

The huge feathered flowers, often made of organza and silk, look great on the bridal dress whereas the bridesmaids and the flower girls may make use of small floral clips to create different accents.

Hair flowers always make for great wedding hair accessories. Even if you go for a plain hairstyle, the hair flowers will give it a classy and elegant look. Go for a light and simple get-up and accentuate it with the perfect hair flowers.

Getting Creative Is the Key

Get creative and add personal touches to your wedding preparations. For example, you can fasten a small and beautiful hair clip on to your wedding shoes; you can also gift your bridal party with pearl or rhinestone hair combs; or even dress up your adorable Granny in pearl headband and a Russian lace.

Similarly, you can use starfish hair pins for your bridal bouquet for an innovative look. Truly, there is no end to how you can accessorize your bridal dress for fresh, classy and cheerful looks.

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