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50 More Essential Fashion Tips For Women

1.  Don’t forget the accessories.

Accessories are the finishing touches that you want to apply for your fashion statement.

Wearing accessories can actually prevent you from looking boring. Some of the

accessories you want to consider wearing would include scarves, purses, hats, belts,

jewelry, and many more.

2. Take note of the latest fashion trends.

Being in line with the latest fashion trends can help a lot, when it comes to choosing the

best outfit for certain occasions. This is because they can provide you an idea on what

clothes to wear and purchase. Taking note of the trends can be done by checking them

out through the internet, as well as the television.

3. Watch fashion TV channels.

Watching models walking on the catwalk can help you a lot in being fashionable. You

can see how to properly carry yourself in wearing certain types of clothing. Aside from

that, some of these programs can also offer you with the latest fashion tips that you can

take advantage of.

4. Use a scarf.

Accessorizing is one of the best ways to complete your outfit; and, one item you can

use for it is a scarf. One of the best things about wearing a scarf is that, there are

literally lots of them that you can choose from. It is best that you have a good collection

of them, so that you can mix and match them with different outfits.

5. Wearing boots.

Having a pair of knee-high boots is one of the best things that you can do to become

fashionable. Aside from that, boots can actually complement with short dresses and

skirts, as well as with jeans. Moreover, there are lots of different styles that they are

made out of. Choose a pair that has heels, to achieve a more feminine look.

6. Wearing sunglasses.

Having a good pair of sunglasses can also go a long way, as far as being fashionable is

concerned. Sunglasses are best worn during the summer months, but they can also

work even during the colder months. Aside from making you look good, sunglasses can

also ensure that you are providing your eyes with adequate protection.

7. Maintain the health of your hair.

Having an unhealthy hair is certainly not fashionable. Thus, you should make sure that

you take care of it properly. One of the things you can do for your hair is to trim it every

6 to 8 weeks to prevent damage ends. Aside from that, you can also prevent it from

getting dried out by not washing it every day.

8. Wearing jeans.

Always remember that a particular pair of jeans may look good on someone, but it may

not have the same effect to another person. Thus, you should properly determine what

kinds of jeans go well with your body type. Have a friend accompany you when you

want to buy a new pair of jeans, so that she can help you choose the pair that suits you


9. Fashion for petite ladies.

One of your goals when it comes to being in line with fashion is to make you look taller,

when you are petite. To achieve that, you can wear a shirt, pants, and shoes, all in one

color. Dressing all in one color can make you look taller and slimmer, especially if you

wear something that has a dark shade.

10. Choose clothes that fit well.

For petite women, it is vital that one wears clothing that fits well. It is very important for

you to avoid loose clothing, since it can make you look shorter. Aside from that, you

should also avoid garments that have lots of extra fabric, since it can make you look

heavier than you are.

11. A good trick to look taller.

One of the tricks that you can easily pull off to make you look taller is to wear clothes

that have vertical lines. This is because the lines can make your body, legs, as well as

your arms look longer. Vertical lines do not need to be stripes. They can also be seam

lines, as long as they are vertical.

12. Using V or U shaped necklines.

If you want to look taller, then you should wear tops that have V or U shaped necklines.

These styles of necklines can actually make you look thinner, aside from the fact that it

can accentuate the shape of your body. More importantly, these styles of necklines can

create the illusion of height.

13. The easiest way to add height.

Wearing high heels is one of the easiest ways to add height to your petite figure. Some

of the high heels that you want would include sling backs and pumps. On the other

hand, the type of high heels you want to avoid would be the ankle straps, since it can

make its wearer look shorter.

14. Bulky garments for petite ladies.

Wearing bulky garments is definitely not the way to go for petite ladies. This is because,

it can make you look wider instead of taller. This does not mean that you need to avoid

texture completely. Just avoid those garments that can make you look broader. One

example is to wear thin sweaters instead of the thick ones.

15. Wearing handbags for petite women.

Wearing handbags is not bad for petite women. However, since you want to look taller,

you should avoid those that are huge. Even if huge handbags are preferred by lots of

women today, you should not go by that trend. Choose medium sized ones, so that you

would appear taller.

16. Choosing the best pants.

If you are petite, then you want to wear pants or jeans with straight cut legs. This is

because the straight legs can help in making you look taller than you really are. If you

want to achieve a slimmer look though, then you should choose a pair of pants that has

no bulky pockets and cuffs.

17. Wearing orange.

Wearing the color orange is something that lots of people avoid, since it is quite

challenging to pull off. However, if you want to take on the challenge and wear

something orange near your face, then try to apply something on your skin to have a

darker shade. Aside from that, hold your orange garment near your face, and if it

brightens your face, then you should choose that.

18. Matching makeup with hair color.

If you are a brunette, you should know that since your hair is dark, it can cause more

contrast on your skin. In other words, your skin might not get a chance to shine due to

the fact that your hair absorbs more light. To get around that, wear makeup color in

peaches and corals, so as to brighten up your skin and provide it with a glowing effect.

19. Dressing up for a curvy woman.

If you are a curvy woman, there is no need to hide your curves. Wearing bigger clothes

can actually hide your curves and make you look bigger than you are, which is not

good. Therefore, it is best to wear something that has just the right fit for your body, so

that you can effectively accentuate your curves.

20. Making your legs look longer.

Curvy women usually want their legs to look longer; and, if you are one of them, then

remember to wear skirts that end just before or after your kneecaps. Doing this would

make your legs look longer. Aside from that, choose darker colored skirts, so that you

can also make your legs look slimmer.

21. The best lengths for jackets.

Shorter jackets are very flattering, especially when worn by curvy women. This is

because they can make you look taller and slimmer. Aside from that, when you wear a

shorter jacket that has the right color, it can make your waist look smaller, and

accentuate the beauty of your legs.

22. Focus on lengthening the appearance of your neck.

If you are curvy, one way to look at your best is to make your neck appear longer than it

is. A good way to achieve that is to keep your neckline open. A scoop neck or a deep V

shaped neckline should do the job for you. This would not just lengthen the appearance

of your neck, but would also emphasize the curves on your upper body.

23. Wearing shapewear.

Wearing shapewear is a good idea, if you want to hide the slight bulge on your tummy.

Lots of women are actually wearing it, and so should you. However, you should take

note that they can be uncomfortable at times. Thus, you should only wear them if it is

really necessary, and if it’s not going to be for a long period of time.

24. Choose a fitted jacket for your tummy bulge.

When you are not able to get rid of your tummy bulge, there is nothing to worry about, if

you are planning to wear a jacket for it. You should avoid wearing a big jacket for it

though, since it can make you look bigger. Choose a fitted one, since it can hide your

tummy bulge, aside from giving you a better shape.

25. Being a blonde.

If you are a blonde, it can become quite challenging when it comes to choosing the right

makeup to match with your hair color. Wearing bright or dramatic colors may not suit

you well, since they can look harsh. To make sure that you are wearing the right

makeup colors, fill up your makeup kit with shades of burgundy and pale pinks.

26. Using pomade to revive your curls.

If you want to revive your curls at midday in order to stay as fashionable as you can be,

you can actually use a pomade for it. Put adequate amounts of pomade on the palms of

your hands and rub them together gently. Apply the pomade on your curls, and scrunch

a bit, until you get your desired effect.

27. Using a hair straightening iron.

If you want to straighten out your hair for a certain occasion, you can actually use a

straightening iron for it. However, you want to make sure that you won’t damage your

hair with its heat so that it would still look gorgeous after the event. To achieve that, just

let your hair air-dry, so that you won’t have to use the tool for a longer time period.

28. Redheads and makeup.

In most cases, redheads can have a hard time choosing their makeup colors, due to the

fact that they have harsh contrast between their red hair and very light skin tone. One of

the things to do in choosing the right makeup color is to base it on your skin tone. Thus,

the lighter you are, the softer your makeup should be. If you want to have warmer tones,

some of them that would work with redheads would be champagne and tawny.

29. Don’t attract more attention to your tummy if you don’t want to.

One of the ways to attract more attention to your tummy is to use pants that have lots of

details, such as pockets, belts, and such. Therefore, if you have a bulging tummy and

you want to hide it, such types of pants should be avoided. Choose pants that are plain

and simple, so that people won’t look at that part of your body.

30. Men’s biker jackets.

Wearing a biker jacket is a good idea, especially if you are going out with your friends.

Choose one that is made out of genuine leather though, so that it would be light, and

stunning. Aside from that, you can also purchase one with studs on it, so that you can

create your own fashion statement.

31. Choosing the right fabrics.

Selecting the right fabrics is essential, in order to achieve the kind of looks that you want

to have. For example, if you want to hide something, such as a small bulge on your

tummy, then go for a free flowing fabric like cotton. Cotton will not cling to your body,

aside from the fact that it can provide you a comfortable feeling.

32. Opting for a tailored jacket.

If you want to have a more unique feeling in wearing a jacket, then have something that

is tailored. Aside from the fact that a tailored jacket is flattering, it is also a jacket that

never goes out of style. If you want to draw less attention to the middle part of your

body, such as hiding excess pounds, then go for a single vent, and avoid the double

breasted ones.

33. The healthier you are, the healthier your skin and hair would be.

Achieving better health can have positive effects on your fashion sense. This is

because, the healthier you are, the better your skin and your hair would look. Thus, you

won’t have to deal with lots of things to hide certain imperfections on your skin, or to

make your hair look radiant. With that, it can give you more time to focus on the right

types of clothes and accessories to wear.

34. Making your makeup last.

First of all, do not wear heavy makeup if you are going to an event, where the venue is

quite warm or if its going to be held at the middle of the day. Whatever the case may be,

one of the best ways to make your makeup last is to use a makeup-sealing item. Aside

from that, make sure that you are always situated at a place where the temperature is


35. To tuck in or not to tuck in your shirt.

If you want to hide something, then you should remember that tucking in your shirt is the

last thing that you want to do. Let your shirt flow freely over your pants or skirt, so that it

will not accentuate your tummy. Aside from that, when you do that, it can also elongate

your torso, especially if it has the right fit for you.

36. Adding more bulk to your body.

If you are one of the many skinny men who try to look bigger than they are fashionably,

then you can purchase a blazer with small shoulder padding for it. Using such type of

blazer will provide more shape to your body. However, make sure that the padding is

not oversized, since it can actually achieve the opposite of what you want.

37. Selecting the right length of jacket if you are skinny.

In purchasing a jacket, you need to consider whether you are skinny or fat. If you are

skinny, you want to make sure that the jacket won’t make you look taller, since it can

also make you look slimmer. Thus, opt for something with just the right length, so that

you can achieve a more balanced look. As a rule of thumb, purchase a jacket that fall

right below your buttocks.

38. Paring the right pair of pants with the right pair of heels.

If you are short or petite, using a pair of heels can be an effective way in making your

legs look longer. To emphasize it more though, you can wear a pair of wide-leg pants

with your high heels for it. Just make sure the pair of pants you have picked won’t

accentuate your waist, since it can defeat its purpose.

39. Making your waist smaller.

Making your waist smaller can be achieved through proper dieting and exercising.

However, if you don’t have time for that, then simply purchase a belt that complements

with most of your outfits. Wearing a belt just above your hips can actually provide the

illusion of a smaller waist, especially if you pair it up with longer tops or dresses.

40. The benefits of wearing high heels.

It is pretty obvious that wearing a good pair of high heels would make you look taller.

However, this is actually not the only benefit that you can derive from it. Wearing high

heels can actually help in making your calves look great, even if they are out of shape.

There is no need to choose super high heels for this, since any kind of heel length

would do.

41. Worrying about a broader shoulder.

If you think that your upper body is a bit large for comfort, then you should wear a shawl

for it. Aside from a shawl, a scarf can also achieve the same effect, which is to hide your

problem area. Just pick the right color in accordance to your whole outfit, so that you

can make a good fashion statement.

42. Splurge on fashionable items that are important to you.

It is always best to go with your senses when it comes to purchasing items that can help

you with being fashionable. Thus, if you feel like purchasing a very nice fashion

accessory, such as a bag , a pair of sunglasses, and such, then opt for the best that you

can afford. By doing that, you would become more confident in wearing them, which

would also improve your looks.

43. Choosing the right fabrics for a thin man.

If you are quite thin, you can actually improve the way you look, by making sure that you

are purchasing the right kind of fabric for it. For skinny men, it is best to go with heavier

fabrics, since it can add more bulk. Thus, if you are looking for a good pair of pants,

choose one that is made out of corduroy, especially if it has the right style.

44. Being fat.

Even if you have gained a lot of pounds quite recently, there are still some things that

you can do to make you look fitter. One of which is to make sure that your clothes are

not too tight. When your shirt hugs your body, it actually emphasizes your lumps and

bumps. Thus, draw lesser attention to it, by wearing something that is loose enough,

without overdoing it.

45. Making your hair look bolder.

If you are a brunette, you can actually do something to make it look bolder. A good idea

is to color it with something that is two tones darker that the roots of your hair. This will

make your hair super shiny, especially if you color it with a coffee shade or deep


46. Drawing more attention to your shoulders.

If you want to make your body look fitter instead of fat, then avoid wearing shirts with

sloped shoulders. Tops with sloped shoulders can actually make people put their

attention to your midsection. Thus, instead of sloped shoulders, opt for slightly squared

ones, so that you can draw more attention to your face as well as your shoulders.

47. The best summer hair colors.

During summer, it is best to go with natural colors when it comes to your hair. Natural

hair color simply means colors that are natural to your skin tone. Aside from that, such

hair colors should not clash with your eyebrows and face, which make it look as if it is

your real hair color.

48. Wearing highlights.

Wearing highlights these days is not as popular as they are years ago. However, you

can still take advantage of them in order to make a statement. Wear highlights that are

at least a shade lighter than your natural hair color, and try to spread them just

underneath the layers. By doing it this way, the highlights would actually provide more

volume to your hair, aside from making them more natural.

49. Hiding your midsection.

If you want to hide a bulgy midsection, then you should empty your pockets. Your

pockets should be free from things like mobile phones, wallets that are overstuffed and

so on. This is because, the more bulky your pockets would look like, the more attention

it would draw to your midsection.

50. Purchasing more fashionable clothing.

One of the best ways to make it easier for you to shop for more fashionable clothing is

to wear all your favorite clothes at home. Take note of their colors and their fit, as well

as how they accentuate your best features. Remember them when you go and shop, so

that you can purchase similar shapes, sizes, colors, lengths, fabrics, and styles.