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50 Must Have Fashion Tips

1. Love Your Body
One of the most important things you need to take note of about becoming fashionable
is to love your body. No matter your size, unless you really want to change it, you must love and exude confidence.

2. Have confidence in yourself.
No matter how fashionable your clothes are, you won’t look at best in it, if you don’t
wear it with confidence. With that, you need to be confident that what you are wearing
complements with your body figure, as well as your skin tone. With good confidence,
people can see it by how you are carrying yourself.

3. Smile.
Complement what you are wearing with a beautiful smile. When you smile, it would
make you look more beautiful or handsome. Aside from that, people would also see you
as someone who is approachable. The more friendly you look, the more people would
look up to you, which is one of the keys of being fashionable.

4. Fix your hair.
Being fashionable means that you should have the complete package. In other words,
aside from wearing the right shirt, pants, shoes, and makeup, you should also wear the
right kind of hairstyle. The best hairstyle should be something that wouldn’t just
complement with your face, but also with your whole getup.

5. Take care of your skin.
Having a radiant skin goes a long way, as far as becoming a fashionable person is
concerned. The condition of your skin would definitely affect your whole fashion
statement. Therefore, it is best if you are able to maintain it, so that it would complement
with whatever you are wearing.

6. Take note of what being fashionable is all about.
If you want to become fashionable, you should keep in mind that it is not just all about
wearing the right clothes. It is also about wearing the right makeup, the right hairstyle,
the right pair of shoes, and the right accessories. Don’t forget that having the best skin,
the best health, and being fit can also contribute to how fashionable you become.

7. Know how much makeup to wear during summer.
During summer, it is not a good idea to wear heavy makeup. Wearing minimal amount
of makeup during summer time is the best way to do it, due to the fact that it is going to
be hot outside. By wearing minimal makeup during summer, you can easily make it
complement with your summer clothing.

8. Having hair color during summer.
Having hair color during the summer months can be fun. However, you need to take
care of it properly, so that it won’t fade easily. One way of doing that is to use a
conditioning treatment every week, or at least twice in a month. Don’t wash your hair too
often though, since it can speed up its growth, which can make your natural hair color
appear sooner.

9. What to think about in buying makeup items.
When you visit a particular store for makeup, you should think about what you want to
do with your makeup items, so that you can better decide on what to purchase. Aside
from that, you should also consider the kind of event you would be wearing them.
Consider these things, so that you can purchase the right items to be fashionable.

10. Men wearing belt, suspenders, or both.
It is not a good idea to wear belt and suspenders at the same time. Aside from making
you look funny, it actually defeats the purpose of wearing a belt or suspender, since
they have pretty much the same purpose. Thus, you should choose between them,
depending on your clothing; and, do not wear them together.

11. Matching your shoes and your belt.
Aside from making sure that you are wearing a belt and shoes that are in top quality and
condition, you should also know how to match them properly. In most cases, you may
only need to choose between the colors black and brown in wearing them. To match
them properly, just make sure that they have the same color or shade. Thus, black belt
goes with black shoes, and brown belt goes with brown shoes.

12. Wearing jackets.
There are times when your new jacket may have loose stitches on the shoulder part, or
at its vents. These basting thread is not a good sight to see, which is why you need to
remove it, before putting on your jacket. Remove it with a pair of scissors, so that you
won’t be affecting the quality of your jacket.
13. The bottom button on your jacket.
Wearing a jacket properly is one of the things you need to do to become fashionable.
When it comes to its bottom button, you need to keep in mind that it is not intended to
be buttoned. You should also remember that this fashion rule also applies to wearing a

14. The length of your jacket sleeve.
When you are choosing the right jacket to wear at an important event, make sure that it
has the right sleeve length. One way of determining that is to check if it is short enough
to let your shirt cuff show for about half an inch. Thus, when you shop, it is necessary to
wear or bring the shirt that you intended to wear with it.

15. The right coat fit.
When it comes to choosing the right coat, it should have the right fit, in which it would
flatter the shape of your upper body. It should be loose enough for you to slip a hand
into it, in order to reach the inside chest pocket. However, if you can pound your heart
with your hands even when the jacket is closed, then it is too big.

16. The length of your tie.
Some men wear ties that are either too long or too short. To make sure that this is not
the case, then you want to wear a tie that is just long enough to reach your belt line. The
right length of the tie should be something that won’t end below or above the belt.

17. When to wear a tie.
Wearing a tie should be done when you are using it with a suit or even a sport coat.
Wearing your favorite tie with just your shirt and no jacket is actually not a good idea.
This is because, if you are going to attend a wedding, that is actually the kind of getup a
kid would have.

18. When to wear black suits.
If you are attending a formal event during the night time, then wearing a black suit is
good. However, if the event falls during midday or the afternoon, it is best not to wear a
black suit, but go for other pleasant colors. If you take a look around you, men that
would be wearing black suits during daytime are usually the priests, funeral attendees,
secret agents, and undertakers.

19. Wearing shorts.
If you are planning wearing shorts for an afternoon event with your friends and
colleagues, make sure not to wear socks that are visible with it. Wearing visible socks
with shorts is a usual practice by kindergarten kids. Thus, make sure that your socks
are short enough, in order for you to hide them appropriately.

20. Things to consider in buying a suit.
When you are buying a suit, you should keep in mind factors to consider in order to
choose the best one. Some of these factors include your budget, the price of the suit, its
brand, quality, size, style, and color. BY considering all these things, you can have the
guidance you need to choose the one that would suit you best.

21. Wearing sandals.
There are some men who may want to consider wearing socks with sandals. However,
this is actually not a good way to become fashionable. Sandals are best worn without
socks, since its purpose is to make you feel cool and relaxed during hot weather. Thus,
never wear sock with sandals if you want to look good in it.

22. Tucking in your shirt.
If you like wearing your shirt tucked in, then you should wear a belt with it. If you don’t
like belts, then wear a suspender at least. Wearing none is not a good way to tucked in
your shirt. Keep in mind though that your belt or suspender should match your shoes, to
complete your fashion statement.

23. Wearing flip flops.
Knowing the purpose of wearing a certain footwear is important, as far as making a
good fashion statement is concerned. With that, you should know that flip flops are
created for people to wear in beaches and pools. Thus, if you like to have a pair of flip
flops, then you should purchase them only for that purpose.

24. The right length of your pants.
Your pants should never be too short nor too long. A good way of determining the right
length of your pants is to see, if it ends just right at your shoes. A slight break at its end
should be good. However, if your pants breaks both at its front and back, as well as its
sides, then you need to cut it short.

25. Jacket buttons.
When buying a coat or a jacket, you should take note that the number of its buttons
should not exceed three. Aside from that, if you have a jacket that has three buttons,
you should take note that only the top most button should be used. If you feel that it
does not look good in doing that though, due to its design, then it probably is.

26. That bulging tummy.
Not only men, but there are also women who are having a difficult time in being
fashionable due to their bulging tummy. If this is your case, then aside from wearing the
right dress or shirt, you should also do something to cut down the size of your tummy.
You can achieve that with a good combination of dieting and exercising.

27. Wearing an eyeliner.
One of the challenges in wearing an eyeliner is preventing them from smearing or
running. To prevent this from happening, all you actually need to do is to make sure that
you are buying the right eyeliner brand. There are brands today that offer stay proof
wear-ability; thus, these products should be the ones you should consider in your next
trip to the makeup shop.

28. Wearing blush.
Lots of women do not have an idea, when it comes to where their blush starts in
applying makeup. As a rule of thumb, all you need to do is to measure about two fingers
from your nose, in order to determine the spot to start applying your blush on. Do this so
that you can never go wrong.

29. Having a tousled look for your curly hair.
Having a tousled look for your curly hair is one of the best things that you can do, when
attending a party. It would not just accentuate your overall beauty, but it can also make
you hair look healthy and radiant. To achieve that, all you need to do is to brush your
hair with your fingers after washing it.

30. How to make your lips pout.
Having a lips that pouts is one of the things that lots of women aim for today. If you are
one of them, as long as you have a shimmer gloss, you would be able to achieve that in
no time. Just apply the gloss at the bottom, top, as well as the middle part of your lips,
so that it would capture light to attain what you want.

31. Making cheek bones appear higher.
When you have cheek bones that appear higher, you would be able to complement it
with a formal attire to be fashionable. To do that, just use a bronzer and apply it at the
bottom part of your cheekbone. To accentuate its effects, use a highlighter on the
cheekbone itself.

32. Check your makeup kit periodically.
Wearing worn out makeup items is not a good way to become fashionable. Thus, you
should make sure that they are in good shape, and are not too old. To achieve that,
make sure to check your makeup kit every 3 months or so, so that you can see what
items to retain and to replace.

33. Swimsuit for smaller bust size.
Wearing swimsuit should be done in accordance to the shape of your body. For
example, if you have smaller bust size, then you should wear something that is created
for it. The best type of swimsuits for smaller bust is the ones that have padding. Aside
from that, it would also help if it has prints as distraction, and ruffles to add more

34. Wearing a swimsuit with a belly bulge.
If you have a bulge in your tummy and you want to wear a swimsuit, it is best to have
something that can take people’s eyes away from it. One way of doing this is to wear a
plunging-halter suit. Aside from that, you can also opt for swimsuits that have built-up
tummy controls. In general, try to emphasize your positive traits, so that you can cover
the negative ones.

35. How to hide thick thighs in wearing a swimsuit.
One of the worst things you can do is to wear shorts with thick thighs, since they can
make them as well as your butt look bigger. To hide thick thighs, it is best to wear a
swimsuit that has a higher cut on the leg. Aside from that, you can also mix up your
bikini pieces for it, such as wearing something dark at the bottom, while wearing a light
colored top.

36. Swimsuits for well endowed women.
If you are well endowed when it comes to bust size, then wear a swimsuit that is made
for it. The best type of swimsuit when it comes to this is the one that comes with a built
in bra or underwire. To make sure that you won’t overemphasize it, just avoid wearing
keyhole and demi-bra swimsuits.

37. Wearing the right clothes during summer.
When it is summertime, you should take note that it is going to be warm. Thus, the best
types of clothes should be something light to your skin, thin, and can effectively absorb
sweat. Aside from that, short sleeves, and clothes that are made without collars are the
ones you want to wear for utmost comfort during summer.

38. Covering a bulgy tummy.
If you don’t have time to trim down your tummy, there is no need to worry, since there
are certain clothes you can wear to hide it. Some of which are clothes with banded tops,
which are basically shirts with bands at their hemlines. This design would actually
attract people to look at the upper part of your body, instead of your tummy.

39. Going to a party.
There are different types of party clothes that you can choose from. Aside from that, you
should also consider the colors when you purchase them. More importantly, whether it
is going to be for a formal or an informal event, make sure that your clothing fits your

40. Being fashionable during rainy season.
Even when it is constantly raining, you can still make a good fashion statement, as long
as you choose the right clothes for it. In general, clothes with collars and long sleeves
are best worn during rainy season. Aside from that, you can also wear a jacket or a
sweater. Just make sure that the colors complement with each other, so that you would
look your best.

41. Going out with your friends.
When you go out with your friends on weekends, it is best to consider the temperature
outside when it comes to your fashion statement. There is no room for a jacket if it is
quite warm. However, it can be a good addition to your whole getup if the night is quite
cold, and if you are visiting a crowded place.

42. Fashion for teens.
As a teenager, you can already come up with your own fashion statement, especially if
you base it on your personality. For example, if you are the girly girl type, then you may
want to wear something that accentuates your feminine side. On the other hand, if you
like to rock, then a graphic shirt would perfectly let your personality shine through.

43. Getting rid of pimples.
Having pimples may affect your fashion statement in a negative way, since it can lower
down your self-esteem. Thus, you should come up with ways to hide or fix it. A quick fix
that you can apply on it would be a concealer. Aside from that, you can also apply tea
tree oil topically, so that it would heal quicker.

44. Choosing a lipstick.
If you are at a store and trying to purchase a lipstick, make sure that you buy something
that can match most of your clothing. This way, you would be able to make use of it as
often as you can. However, if you are purchasing it for a particular event, then you
should ensure that you can remember the color of your dress so that you can properly
match them.

45. Wearing a printed item.
Even if you are wearing a printed clothing item, it is still best to match it with the right
color for the rest of your outfit. To do that, all you actually need to do is to pick out a
single color from the printed pattern, and base your choice of colors for the rest of your
outfit on that. By doing that, you are making sure that your shirt, skirt, and other clothing
items are matched properly.

46. Learning how to coordinate colors properly.
One of the best and easiest ways of coordinating colors properly is by accessing the
internet for it. There are actually a number of sites, which can offer you color wheels.
Color wheels can actually show you which colors go in harmony with each other. By
using it, you would be guided in matching the colors of your shirt, pants, and shoes.

47. Take note of the neutral colors.
Taking note of your clothes that belong to the neutral color category can help you in
mixing and matching them for a classy look. Neutral colors would include black, white,
brown, grey, beige, as well as olive green. These colors can be combined with each
other. Aside from that, you can also add more effect into your outfit by combining them
with more vibrant colors that match with them well.

48. Choosing the best colors to wear.
If you are trying to choose the best colors for your wardrobe, you should consider the
color of your hair, as well as your skin. The best colors to wear nearest to your face
would be those that match properly with the color of your skin. However, make sure that
they also complement with your hair color, so that you can emphasize your best
features with them.

49. Using the color wheels.
Using the color wheels, which you can find through a number of sites through the
internet, is one of the easiest ways to coordinate colors. They show you which colors
work in harmony with each other. Just take note that those colors that are next to each
other complement; however, if you want a more dramatic effect, then you should go with
colors that are directly placed opposite to each other.

50. Making sure your curls last.
Making your hair have that telephone wire look can be a good fashion statement.
However, you want to make sure that they last for the whole duration of the event, so
that you can maintain that glorious look you are able to achieve. To do that, make sure
that your hair has been completely dried out, prior to using your curling iron.