6 Ways to Save Money on Clothing

The price of clothing isn’t something that tends to change drastically unless you’re moving between name brands. For as long as I can remember, a decent pair of jeans has been around $30 and if you wanted something designer, you were going to pay in the triple digits. It’s nice to know there are a few things left that aren’t skyrocketing in price.

Clothing is usually thought of as an accessory, though as far as our finances go, it’s a necessary purchase that we can’t do without. Sure we could get away with a lot less than we have, but the truth is, we must buy clothes at some point. It’s no different than our electricity or water bill. Our clothes wear out, stop fitting or get damaged, and we have to replace them.

Since they’re so readily available in so many different places, one would think that there has got to be a few ways to save some money in the area of purchasing clothing. There is, and we’ll discuss six of those ways here.

Shop Thrift Stores

You don’t want to do your “core” clothes shopping at these places, but places like Goodwill and Plato’s Closet can turn up great pieces. It’s a diamond in the rough kind of thing, so when you’re there, keep in mind what you need and see if there is anything that doesn’t look “too used” that can do the job. You’ll luck out more often than not.

Get the Basics at TJ Maxx and Ross’s

For both guys and girls, places like TJ Maxx are steeply discounted and in general have good quality merchandise that factories rejected for usually unnoticeable defects. Getting your basic t-shirts, shorts, socks and even jeans at these stores can save you a lot of money. It can sometimes be difficult to get nice dress clothes here, but even in that case, if you look hard enough you can find the pieces you want/need.

Shop Out of Season

You’ve got to be disciplined and methodical to nail down your winter clothes while the months are warming up, though if you can do it, you’re in for some steep discounts. When a season ends, stores put all the clothes they were selling for that season on sale so that they can get a jump on the next season’s styles. Thus getting your winter clothes right around that time while people are thinking about spring can mean you’ll pay a lot less. Different stores have different strategies, but this is generally the system that is adhered to.

Buy Timeless Pieces

Being trendy is expensive and can often be very temporary. When you’re shopping for clothes, try to avoid trends and go for more timeless pieces that will transcend whatever is going on in the culture. If you can keep your style above the fray, you’ll save yourself a lot weird outfits and wasted money.

Make Your Jeans Last

For guys and girls, jeans can get you through a lot of years if you let them. The only thing that should really cause you to have to replace them is if you grow out of them, or if they get ripped or damaged. Even then, the tattered look is always in, so get as much mileage out of your jeans as possible before purchasing new ones, as you really only need two or three solid pairs at the most.

Take Your Time and Find Exactly What You Want

It can be time consuming but if you shop around and make sure you get exactly what you’re looking for, you’re more likely to be happy with your purchase and less likely to go out again and buy more clothes. Settling for a piece you aren’t completely happy with means you’ll probably end up keeping that piece and buying another, or at least returning that piece, meaning you spend more gas driving to the store and end up tempting yourself to make other unnecessary purchases. If you go out looking for a certain piece of clothing, take the time and do the shopping necessary to find it. You’ll end up saving yourself time and money in the long run and be happier with your purchase and the wardrobe you establish.

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