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About Handmade Leather Handbags

Centuries ago, man created clothing and carriers from the skin of animals they’ve hunted. Necessity is indeed the mother of invention. The leather handbag was born. Handmade leather handbags, to be precise, were later propelled into the future with various curing processes to make the animal skin into leather. Leather is basically tanned pelt, hide and skin of animals, which are primarily cows. Much like wood, leathering technology is already centuries old thus, the variety of the forms of leather: Vegetable-tanned leather, Alum-tanned leather, Rawhide, Boiled Leather, Chrome-tanned leather and Brain-tanned leather, Patent Leather, Shagreen and Buckskin. They are generally sold in three forms which are Full-Grain leather, Corrected-Grain leather, Suede. For use in briefcases, wallets and luggage, two forms are common namely Belting and Napa leather. Bicast and Bonded or Reconstituted leather are synthetic containing less than ten percent of real leather.

Exotic animal skins are also used mostly depending on the availability of the skin. However, issues regarding animal cruelty still hovers that debates and protests about the use of leather or certain types of leather are still to be concluded. Many activists push for the banning of leather and leather items but with the demand, it leather is unlikely to leave the racks. Perhaps what it will take is a little more responsibility on the consumer side to be careful in choosing leather items. Remember that a live animal roaming free in its habitat is much better than wearing a dead one. So be smart and choose well.

Handmade leather handbags were of course the first leather bags to come out. Today, these bags vary so much in style that the possibilities seem endless. Tapping into handmade leather handbag design, various designers accept customization which is very much suited to the handmade designs. Craftsmanship is evidently high with handmade leather handbags. When it comes to leather, handmade is always much better. An item as personal as a handbag, it would require a human touch that cannot be replicated by any machine. This human touch is what makes handmade leather handbags distinctly beautiful.

Handmade leather handbags are not necessarily expensive. More importantly, they allow users a certain kind of freedom with the customization that makers accept. This makes the cost even more worthwhile. Instead of hunting for the most suitable handbag for your needs, why not have one made for you. Handmade leather handbags promise to be sufficient for your personal items and style. Why would they not be, you had them suited for yourself. If uniqueness is what you are looking for in a bag, a handmade leather handbag will give you that distinction.