Dooney And Bourke Handbags

Simple and functional, this is the image of a Dooney & Burke handbag. The label and pattern clad collection of Dooney & Burke is designed with almost 31 years of experience where superior craftsmanship is fused with equally superior materials to maintain tradition and be highly functional. Dooney & Burke handbags are best distinguished by their quality fabric clad in the Dooney & Burke initials that vary from the colors, hot pink, turquoise and kiwi. Dooney & Burke handbags are indeed traditional with their classic shapes and materials that vary from small barrel bags to totes and giant sacs. They are mostly symmetrical designed wherein some are fashioned with two pockets or in the middle would be a tassel, hardware or a drawstring. Dooney & Burke handbags are somewhat balanced with the simple and classic forms that’s followed by the D&B pattern in complementary or contrasting colors. Certain color assignments however, are quite striking despite the common shapes and sizes.

dooney bourke handbag large Leather Nylon White w Yellow Lining
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dooney bourke d b white signature logo purse handbag satchel leather
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Dooney Bourke Logo Lock Toscana Leather Shoulder Bag Lily Color Natural
$102.50 (2 Bids)
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Dooney and Bourke Authentic Signature Logo Beige Handbag Purse
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Dooney and Bourke Medium Satchel Natural Florentine Beautiful Purse
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Dooney Bourke Florentine Leather Small Brenna Satchel in Chestnut Gorgeous
$51.00 (28 Bids)
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Dooney Bourke DAPHNE Pebble Leather Crossbody Wallet
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Vtg DOONEY BOURKE Mini Bag Purse
$10.50 (2 Bids)
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Dooney and Bourke Ambler Crossbody Purse NWT
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Dooney Bourke Pebble Leather Crossbody Cameron
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DOONEY BOURKE drawstring signature bucket bag black pebbled leather
$20.50 (15 Bids)
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Dooney Bourke RARE Navy Canvas Recycle Fashionably Cotton Tote Bag
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dooney bourke handbags florentine leather satchel
$152.50 (19 Bids)
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Dooney Bourke Big Duck Black British Tan Leather Crossbody Shoulder Bag
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About Dooney & Burke Handbags: Plains and Prints

Dooney & Burke carry the signature quilt handbags that are soft, elegant and simple – quite a good contrast against the patterned fabric. Almost a standard to a Dooney & Burke handbag is the tassel accent by the top that’s part of the 2005 signature anniversary collection. In commemoration of their 30th year, the collection’s gold finished nickel hardware was engraved with a “Dooney&Burke 1975” label. This collection’s fabric and lining is of pure cotton decorated with a distinctly large pattern of the Dooney & Burke logo and trimmed with Vacchetta or All Weather Leather. This type of leather is 100% cowhide that naturally darkens in time and under exposure to sunlight.

Dooney & Burke handbags mainly vary in pattern design and fabric. The latest collection includes a flashy tattoo pattern, large bubble pattern, hearts, the playful doodle design, stars, and a vintage-inspired series. The elegant single-toned alto collection of the Dooney & Burke handbags is made with Italian craftsmanship that produced a timeless style of simplicity and purity. The Alto collection is handcrafted to bring out the leather’s rich matte finish and into classic shapes. Dooney & Burke handbags also fashions denim in dark blue shades with either dark or light leather trims, tassels and hardware. For the cheery and carefree, Dooney & Burke handbags also feature tartan that’s 100% cotton, coated with poly-vinyl and trimmed with All Weather fabric. Topped with a pink heart and blue circular base, the collection also carries the Dooney & Burke label in the center.
Dooney & Burke handbags are also in plain nubuck, crocodile leather, denims, pebble grain leather and all weather leather. A tapestry collection boasts the Dooney & burke label in relatively large font and colorful streams. Concluding the Dooney & Burke collection is the It series that literally makes a rainbow from a combination of the signature Dooney & Burke handbags.

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