Prada Handbags

Prada handbags have long been considered as a fashion statement. It is one of the symbols of fashion in today’s highly innovative world, and the word “elegance” and “quality” have been attached to its name for centuries now, making Prada handbags truly great pieces of art. The Prada handbags are designed and manufactured by Prada itself, one of the most celebrated fashion companies in Italy and the world. The company was founded by Mario Prada in 1913 and it was originally known in Italian as Fratelli Prada, which means Prada Brothers in English. Prada started designing and manufacturing handbags and other leather goods following its establishment and it is nice to know that within just a short time, they received widespread recognition with success in Europe and the United States. As an act of expansion, Prada opened two boutiques in Milan and sell their authentic handbags, shoes, and trunks out there.

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About Prada Handbags

According to several reviews, the Prada handbags generally embody a great style and luxury in the designer handbag industry. Yes, Prada handbags are known throughout the world as designer handbags and they are all built bearing the virtue of simplicity, luxury, and elegance. It is interesting to know that the first set of Prada handbags were crafted from a heavy walrus skin. Noting that the design is not well suited for air travel, the company then started to place greater emphasis on the use of fine leather for their handbags and accessories. They also incorporate new and advanced materials to enhance the quality and style of their products. They actually use crystals, wood and tortoise shell for the designs of their handbags. Then Prada saw the need for waterproof items, so they started producing waterproof Prada handbags and accessories. The company had succeeded in their own venture, so it’s no wonder that until these days waterproof and simply elegant Prada handbags are sold in the market throughout United States, Europe and the world.

However, just like the other fashion companies, Prada saw a decline in the 1970s. The company was taken over by Mario Prada’s granddaughter named Miuccia Prada and it was her who led the company since 1978. According to some reports, Miuccia Prada has a good sense of fashion. It was her led the company and became the steering force in the company’s emergence into the world of haute couture. The first success of the company into this field was attributed to Miuccia’s luxury tote handbags and backpacks that were crafted from black nylon material. The new look and image of Prada handbags was later considered, and it was her black nylon “Pocone” material handbag which became the hottest sensation in the United States. From the introduction of Pocone, a new set of Prada handbags were brought to the public. Numerous reports have noted that this set of Prada handbags was so practical, but they appear with a sense of high fashion and came with a high fashion price tag.

Prada Handbags: Influential and Distinctive

Like many markets across the globe, the handbag market can be bitterly competitive when it competes for the consumer’s dollar.  And just like any market, there are vanguards of quality and distinctive style that inevitably rise above the others.  In the handbag market, there is one name that is synonymous with quality, integrity, functionality, and beauty.  That name is Prada.

Mario Prada originally founded Prada in Milan, Italy.  Since the company’s creation in 1913, it has slowly and gradually expanded from its previous role as a leather goods business.  Miuccia Prada, Mario’s granddaughter, inherited the business and shortly thereafter began extending the company’s business ventures into several different clothing lines.  

Since its humble beginnings, Prada has gradually become one of the most famous and influential designers of clothing, accessories, and handbags. Prada’s influence even extends into popular culture.  A novel published in 2003 bore the title The Devil Wears Prada, and later spawned a feature film and an alternative rock band that each bore the same name.

Prada Handbags: Quality and Functionality

So what is it about Prada handbags and other products that hold such influence in the minds of consumers and competitors alike?  Like any company that designs handbags, Prada has to balance its efforts among key design principles.  A handbag needs to be attractive.  It needs to be functional and practical.  But most importantly, it needs to do all of these things at once.

This is surely what makes Prada handbags stand out from their competitors.  Prada handbags know where to draw the line between beauty and functionality.  And more importantly, Prada does this with style that outshines its peers every time.

Prada understands that a handbag is easily one of the most important purchases that a modern woman can make.  When women are browsing for a handbag, they are going to gravitate towards the design that immediately resonates with their sense of style and beauty.  

What Prada keeps in mind is the fact that a handbag needs to perform long after it has enraptured its owner in the department store.  A handbag needs to be made of materials that are beautiful and durable, and it needs to be designed with functionality, storage, and efficiency.  Prada knows that being eye-catching just isn’t enough.

That, above all, is what has made Prada the successful and influential company that it is. Prada handbags are designed for the consumer as well as for the onlooker.  They are eye-catching, certainly, but also prove themselves invaluable to its owner.

The Prada handbags these days, however, are being imitated. A vast production of replicas was introduced and this is perhaps due to their standing as a status symbol. Simply put, many people desire to own an authentic Prada handbag but because of Prada’s relatively simple symbol design, counterfeiting becomes easy. People may even have difficulty these days of identifying which of the products is authentic and which is fake.

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