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The Beauty and practically speaking a handbag is a part of a women’s wardrobe that serves a multitude of functions. Some of those functions include the carrying of practical items such as a wallet, cell phone, cosmetics, keys, etc. Often, when a woman is carrying all of these items they opt for a larger handbag with a sturdy strap to aid in the carrying of these items. However, there are those times that a handbag needs to be part of a more streamlined wardrobe. Often, during those times of dinner engagements or social affairs a smaller purse is needed to simply hold personal items such as makeup and a makeup mirror. Typically, these smaller handbags are called clutch purses and do not have straps, but small handles or can be held in the hand of the woman. In either case a handbag not only serves in a practical capacity, but is also an extension of the woman and the way she is clothed. Subsequently, a fashion conscious woman will select a particular purse for particular occasions and also the right purse will be chosen as a reflection of her personality.

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For example, a large denim type purse may provide the casual look to reflect the personality of the woman who is a free-spirit or a small silk clutch purse may be the perfect accessory for a night of glamour and sophistication. In addition, a purse can be designed or manufactured utilizing a variety of methods. One of those methods of design is a woven handbag.

What is a Woven Handbag?

A woven handbag is a style of creating or manufacturing a handbag which uses a certain technique. This style of creating a handbag is different than just taking material that is cut from a pattern and sewing the pieces of the pattern together to make a handbag. A woven handbag is a particular style of creating a handbag and is accomplished through a weaving process.

A woven process, as the name implies, is an intertwining of material that is stitched and sewn together. Generally, this type of handbag is often hand created. This is due to the fact that this style of handbag requires the material to be crossed over and under each other which is difficult to duplicate using a machine. This process makes the woven handbag look more stylish and expensive over the cut pattern process of making a handbag.

Materials Used for a Woven Handbag

There are many durable materials that can be used to create a woven handbag. Some of those materials that can be used include leather, wicker and straw. Obviously, the more expensive the material used the more costly the woven handbag will be. In addition to expense is the factor of durability. In other words, the more durable the material used to make the woven handbag the more durable the purse will be.

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