Discount Fine Leather Gloves


Black leather gloves are those classic pieces of a ladies wardrobe like the little black dress and the clutch bag. They practical and also fashionable, and I doubt will ever go out of style. When purchasing a set of black leather gloves you should pick a pair that fits well and can be used for a lot of reasons. One of the biggest considerations is the size as these types of gloves look best when . . . → Read More: Discount Fine Leather Gloves

History Of Leather Gloves


An old and reclusive art, glove making has been intertwined with human culture since the days of the caveman. The first gloves resembled crude mittens. As the years passed, glove making became more of a refined art. Articulated fingers were stitched in to provide more dexterity and ease of movement. While glove makers’ guilds once dominated in a society obsessed with a covered hand, today very few remain. Fewer still are the patterns available for . . . → Read More: History Of Leather Gloves

What Your Accessories Say About You

Michael Kors 2013 Hamilton Whipped Leather Tote Bag Brown

Every girl out there will know that, when planning an outfit, the accessories that you choose are what can really help to finish everything off perfectly. Accessories can really bring together the rest of an outfit and you can choose from a huge range of accessories as well, so there ought to always be something available that will suit your outfit.

However, your accessories will also be conveying a message to the world and . . . → Read More: What Your Accessories Say About You

8 Hot Shoe Styles For Summer | Discount Summer Shoes For Women

High, tall, strappy and colorful are all appropriate descriptions of 2012’s summer shoe fashions. And that’s not all – glitters, metal toes, and natural colors are in the mix as well. Even clear shoes are showing off this summer.

Metal Toes  –  Not Just for Work Boots Anymore In the old days, metal toes on shoes meant they were work shoes. But now the trend toward metal toes is not for protection from injury; it’s to . . . → Read More: 8 Hot Shoe Styles For Summer | Discount Summer Shoes For Women

Discount Top Designer Sunglasses Brands – Oakley & Ray Ban

Sunglasses are designed primarily to provide protection for the eyes against the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. Such protection is of utmost importance for athletes like cyclists, kayakers and surfers, beach lovers and outdoorsmen whose eyes are exposed to the sun for prolonged periods of time. However, there are secondary reasons for wearing sunglasses so much so that many individuals wear the personal accessory in indoor settings and during cloudy conditions. These reasons include sunglasses becoming . . . → Read More: Discount Top Designer Sunglasses Brands – Oakley & Ray Ban

Tips For Protecting Your Sunglasses

Designer sunglasses cost a pretty penny with price tags running up to a thousand dollar. This is especially true for specialized sunglasses used by professional athletes in sports like touring and racing. It then becomes imperative to take good care of your sunglasses with your rewards being sufficient protection for your eyes, great looks, and long-term use of these all-important personal accessories.

Here are a few of the most important tips to achieve this purpose.

. . . → Read More: Tips For Protecting Your Sunglasses

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