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Choosing The Right Bracelet To Match Your Handbags

Purses and handbags havecome a long way from being the pouches used in early times to becoming today’s statement pieces and must-have fashion accessories. Funny as it may sound, it was men who used to bring around handbags and purses to hold their valuables. Of course back then, purses and handbags were purely items of necessity.

The Evolution

Nowadays, women sport pursesand handbags not just because of the functionality of these pieces but their ability to complete a certain look. As a rule of thumb, a look that works should have at least one but not more than three statement pieces. The usual interesting pieces that stand out in a look are shoes, bags, belt and jewellery.

There is a wide array of handbagsand purses available in the market today. From luxury items such are Louis Vuitton, Prada, Chanel, Coach, Gucci and Hermes to the more affordable ones, there is certainly a style that fits everybody. With these options for bags and purses, styling possibilities are endless.

Western purses and cross body handbags are two kinds that are seen in most women because most of the time, they don’t have an eye-popping hefty price tags.

Cross Body Handbags

Cross body handbags are very popular because they are highly functional, stylish and provide support because of its design. Cross body handbags have a strap that run across the shoulder and have the handbag rest on the hip area of the carrier. Apart from being functional, cross body handbags are also gaining popularity because of the different choices in its color and make or material. Leather, canvas and cloth polyesters are the widely used ones.

Matching a cross body handbag with a statement bracelet entails by taking a look at its fabric and color. String bracelets and bead bracelets (wooden, plastic, metal kind) would work well with canvas and cloth cross body bags for a casual look. These two kinds of bracelets come in different sizes and colors that add a relaxed vibe to complement the fabric of the cross body handbag. Multi-colored Shamballa bracelets made of simple beads and cord could work too. A more sophisticated look can be achieved by pairing a leather cross body bag with string bracelets, Shamballa bracelets or bead bracelets that are made of more intricate materials such as crystals or precious gems.

Western Purses

Another kind of bag that is popular among womenare the Western purses. Characterized by rich colors, metal studs and heavier fabric, Western purses provide functionality and unique style statement at the same time. Because of the many details already present in a Western purse, matching it with a bracelet that is more subdued is the way to go. String bracelets, bead bracelets and Shamballa bracelets with similar details such as metals, suede and leather fabric or similar color would work to create a sleek and put-together style. The trick to styling with a Western purse is to complement its design and not try to top it.

Layering bracelets and styling them with a watch makes for a statement style and is often called an ‘arm party’. This could work too, provided that the bracelets do not overpower the bag or any other statement pieces on they look.
Ultimately, bags and bracelets are two wardrobes staples that are easy to mix and match. Styling them together is no rocket science but it does entail a keen eye and knowing what feels right.