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Clothes For Tall Women: Emphasizing And De-emphasizing The Height

Women who are naturally gifted with a tall height have an advantage to flaunt their asset or downplay it. Even though tall women seem to have a variety of choices as most models are donning on clothes for their length, it not easy to find the right fit. With the many fashion trends coming out that fit more sizes and heights, women can find their style at dressity. At this online boutique, tall women can mix and match many items to make the most of their purchases and to stay on top of every fashion craze.

For a woman who wants to emphasize her height, there are certain things to keep in mind. Avoid wearing cuff pants as they can make you look shorter. Go for straight cut slacks as they make your legs look endless. Skirts have to be worn long or above the knee though most women would agree that short skirts add more height. As much as possible do not wear clothing that have large patterns. Vertical lines put in more height as well as monochromatic dress and long dresses. Long necklaces and scarves provide that lean and long look including an up do. High heels literally will make you taller especially when there are interesting details on the shoes. All these tall women clothes and more are available at Dressity.

A woman who wants to blend in with crowd and remove the attention from her tall frame will choose clothing that de-emphasizes her height. There are numerous clothes for tall women that give them a shorter appearance than they actually are but still stay in fashion. These women would go for cuffed pants to truncate the legs and give an impression of shorter legs. Instead of wearing the same color for pants and blouses, contrasting colors will break the lean frame. Blend dark colors with light to give that shorter look. Ballet flats are in fashion today and can be easily worn from casual to business casual clothing. The dressity website has a lot in store for tall women looking for the right attire.

When it comes to clothes for tall women, there is no limit as to what can be worn. It usually depends on the one who wears it that makes the overall not just tall but confident.