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Guide To Types of Leather

When considering purses, its smart to be aware of the various kinds of leather material that they might made out of. Considering the fact that there are several types of leathers knowing the name of as well as texture of each can enhance the shopping experience. Here is a list of the common leathers used in the making of handbags.

Crackled leather: Crackled leather is unique because it gives more texture and a somewhat antique worn out look that is rather stylish.

Patent leather: Patent leather is a material that has a high gloss finish, which gives a super shiny look and feel. The process of creating patent leather was fist developed in 1818 which used a linseed oil- based lacquer coating, modern patent leather products, however, are made with a plastic coating.

Calfskin: This type of leather comes from the skin of a calf, which is a baby cow, so it is much softer, and much more supple and smooth than other types of leather materials. It is used by many handbag manufacturers and can be described as buttery.

Lambskin: Lambskin is very similar to calfskin in look and feel, it is plush, soft and ultra stylish.

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