Denim Meets Florals with AG x Liberty London Collection

What do you get when you combine the ever-popularAG brand with another popular brand, Liberty? A scintillating result of course! Recently, the two popular brands, AG and Liberty (a British company) has collaborated for the purpose of launching a new clothing collection which combines the classic Jeans with the in-vogue floral print. The entire collection is extremely charming and feminine.

When it comes to denim, you can definitely not go wrong with AG because the co-founder of this brand, Adriano Goldschmied is hailed as a 'denim guru'. The silhouettes of the jeans by AG are simply very flattering for people of all body shapes. If you are tired of the classic blue jeans look then you might want to throw in floral print as well in order to come up with something that is edgy yet feminine. Of course you don't have to go all out wearing floral jeans all over, you can just use an element of this clothing in your ensemble in order to make it pop.

The collection is anything but boring, it consists of shirts, skinny jeans, shorts, leggings, rompers and dresses. It goes without saying that all decent and reputable brands strive to provide the best quality clothing in today's highly competitive and cut-throat market. Likewise, AG clothing and Liberty is not far behind in the quality department too. The clothes offered by AG have always been of a certain caliber and this new collection is no exception. Thus, customers and retailers of AG will definitely not be disappointed with its latest offerings.

They say that 'clothes maketh a man', and this phrase is taken very seriously by people because they aim at looking their best for any and every occasion. And there is no better way of making a style statement than to don on branded clothing from brands like AG, Liberty, etc. With this new collaboration, you can get the best of both worlds in the same outfit. In the fashion world, change is the only constant, therefore trends keep coming and going. The latest collaboration from AG clothing brand and Liberty are very much in sync with what's in vogue for this season, i.e. leggings, floral prints and rompers. Irrespective of the clothing item you pick, they are all very comfortable and fit for casual wear. You can also dress them up with the right accessories and shoes in order to turn them into semi-formal wear.

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