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Being in love is a wonderful time in one's life. It's fun to have someone who really gets you. Someone that you can count on to have your back when the chips are down and who can also help you celebrate your successes. Especially when you look at your significant other and realize that she's the only one you wish to spend the rest of your life with. You know that is time to propose and you want to do it right, in a way that is unforgettable to her. You want to wow, dazzle, and make her ecstatic and emotional all at the same time. You want her to forever commemorate in her mind the moment she says "Yes" to you. So you begin planning when are where you are going to pop the question.

You might choose to take her on a romantic cruise half way across the world and propose to her on the main deck in front of all the onlookers or inside your cabin as she sits on the bed decorated in rose petals. You might even choose to have a special cake baked with her ring enclosed inside her slice or take her out to eat at a fancy restaurant and have the waiter slip her ring into her glass of champagne or wine. You want this moment to be magical and the memories to last a lifetime. Your proposal can be a story that she'll tell to your grandchildren one day. However before you can do any of this, you'll need a ring. Not just any ring but a sparkly, shiny, sophisticated ring that all her friends will ooh and aah over. While you don't want to just grab the cheapest ring you see, you want it to be affordable.

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The 2 Carat TW Certified Three Stone Princess Cut Diamond Ring (HI/SI) in 14K White Gold by Diamond-Me has a 1 carat stone weight, features a very good cut of natural created diamonds and meets both qualifications. It's beautiful and affordable. She'll love the center half a carat with three stone princess cut as soon as you slide in on her delicate finger. There is a total of 3 dazzling stones in a 4 prong setting and the band is solid 14k Gold. You can even resize the ring if need be. This ring would also make a great replacement ring if you are unhappy with the ring you bought initially. Now that you've found the perfect ring, it's time to pop the question!