Discount Designer Sable Fur Coats

Fur coats are usually bought for luxury, fashion, and investment. They have long been symbols of status and accomplishments and have been used for their practicality and warmth in addition to designer style. The fur trade’s history has been a controversial one, from its expensiveness to animal rights activists, who have tried to put a stop to the use of real fur and animal fur by people. Fur coats and other types of furs however, have prevailed as a main source of fur fashion all over in cooler climates.

Today, fur dealers carry a wide array of fur coats to accommodate many of the fur lovers’ desires. Other types of fur material and fur pelts are available besides women’s fur coats, men’s fur coats, plus size fur coats, and pink fur coats. The industry of selling fur means meeting the demands for varied products and includes specialty furs like mink fur, Alaskan fur, or fur with patterns are offered through furriers as well as discount furs.

Discount Designer Sable Fur Coats

Blue Fox Fur Jacket Medium Full Pelts Coat Softest not mink lynx sable
Time Remaining: 2h 59m
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Pre owned Natural Russian Sable full length coat size Medium
Time Remaining: 11d 1h 5m
Buy It Now for only: $2,900.00
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Iceberg Rare color Sheared SAGA Mink Sable Fur Belted Knee L COAT XS S
Time Remaining: 7h 26m
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Gianfranco Ferre 75000 Size 10 12 14 Natural Russian Golden Sable Fur Coat
Time Remaining: 25d 19h 45m
Buy It Now for only: $5,499.99
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SALE Russian sable fur coatwonderful condition
Time Remaining: 9d 20m
Buy It Now for only: $3,750.00
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Gorgeous Genuine Russian Sable Full Length fur coat
Time Remaining: 22d 2h 57m
Buy It Now for only: $3,900.00
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Womens Russian Sable or Mink Brown Fur Jacket Coat by Birger Christensen
Time Remaining: 27d 16h 53m
Buy It Now for only: $80.00
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$379.99 (1 Bid)
Time Remaining: 1d 2h 43m
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Excellent Medium Royal Crown Russian Sable Fur Swing Coat Jacket 2791s
Time Remaining: 21d 2h 40m
Buy It Now for only: $1,999.99
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Fur Boutique Germany Brown Sable Fur Coat Size M
Time Remaining: 14d 22h 13m
Buy It Now for only: $1,818.01
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Womans Fitch and Sable Fur Coat
Time Remaining: 14d 14h 22m
Buy It Now for only: $450.00
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Designer Sable brown color Finnish Raccoon Fur tails Vest coat Jacket S M 2 8
Time Remaining: 6d 10h 33m
Buy It Now for only: $499.99
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About Sable Fur Coats

One type of a well demanded fur coat is the sable fur coats. Sable fur coats are made from sables, a wild-fur bearer found only in Russia and is the most expensive fur which is valued for its lush dark color, deep silky pelt, and rarity. The sable is an animal that is native to Asia, Europe, and America, and is part of the weasel family. The sable is close to marten family but has ears and head longer.

Sable fur coats are traditionally made up of soft wool topped by a thick coat of fur and then topped again by an even longer coat of hair making it a really excellent coat for warmth and practicality which also makes it so valuable. Sable fur coats are one of the most popular types of fur in coat fur industry. Russian sable fur coats are the most expensive although Canadian and American versions of sable fur coats are also available. Russian furs are really rare and hard to come by mostly because the amount of sable skin in Russia is limited, while Canadian sable fur coats are plentiful thus more economical in price.

If you’re considering the purchase of a sable fur coat, rest assured that you won’t be compromising in value as they are known for their silkiness and their rarity. Russian sable fur coat is well made, known for its silky quality, widely prize, and generally rare. If the coat you’re looking for is light weight but at the same time keep you really warm, and you’re not into a budget, then the Russian sable fur coat is what you need. They make an extremely expensive, warm, practical, fashionable, and are seen as a symbol of status due to its rarity.