Discount Leather Blazers

Leather blazers are really inn this season. When you shop for leather items, make sure you learn about the different types of leather that are available, price etc. Hi-fashion leather blazers are available in 2 button & 3-button styles. Different colors of leather used to make stylish blazers are black, brown, olive green, yellow, red, warm toned caramel, cognac, sienna and chocolate brown.

mens tan leather blazer
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APT 9 Classic Lambskin LEATHER Blazer JACKET Mens 46L Size XLT Brown
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Pendleton Wool Leather Western Blazer Sz 50 Sports Coat Jacket XXL Big Size
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MASATOMO Two Button Up Blazer NWT sz XXL Leather Black Long Sleeve Jacket 2685
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Claiborne Black Leather Long Sleeve Two Button Blazer Mens Size 40S
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Brand New Mens Genuine soft Lambskin Leather Blazer Jacket TWO BUTTON Coat NF02
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Tory Burch Brown Leather Jacket Blazer Size 2 Excellent Condition New
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mens black leather blazer size large
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Satfford mens black button down leather jacket blazer NWOT
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Whispering Smith Leather Like Mens Blazer Jacket size XL 46 48
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Armani Collezioni size 2 Button Jacket Quilted Black Blazer Leather Trim Nylon
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Burning Man Vintage 70s Soft Light Tan Leather Blazer JACKET WOMENS Size M
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HOT Mens Cool Slim Fit Blazer Faux Leather Suit Fashion Casual Jacket Coat Tops
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Types of Leather

Leather is any tanned, toughened (yet pliable), dried, and dyed skin of an animal. Thanks to modern dyeing processes, most types of leather can be found in nearly any color. Some leathers, however, are best known for particular colors.

Buckskin: Pliable leather with a smooth finish from wild stag (deer, elk or antelope).

Chamois: Leather originally made from the Alpine chamois, a goat-like animal. Nowadays, it’s culled from sheepskin. Chamois is well regarded for its supreme softness, absorbency and light tan color. It is pronounced SHAM-wa, or parochially, SHAM-ee.

Calfskin: Leather from young cows. It’s smoother leather, but it can be roughened to create “velour leather,” or embossed with patterns and other textures. It is considered dressy and is usually found in darker shades (blacks and browns).

Cowhide: Leather from full-grown cows that is used for shoes, boots and jackets. Tough and durable, it can have a smooth or rough finish. You’ll find it in all colors, but mostly shades of brown and black.

Lizard skins: Crocodile, alligator and other lizard skins are usually limited to belts, luggage or shoes. They sport a scaly texture and a nice sheen, and can be had in shades of green, grey, red, and brown.

Pigskin: Pigskin is more commonly used in South America. It has little nap (fuzz) and is generally smooth to the touch and tan in color.

Ostrich:”exotic” leather found on belts or shoes. Ostrich resembles a plucked chicken, and as such, has a “goose bump” appearance.

Suede: Suede is created when the reverse side of calfskin is roughened to the point of extreme softness. The resultant nap almost resembles velvet. Suede goods can be had in all major colors.

Price: A good leather blazer can cost you anything between $250 to $1000. Depending on the quality of the leather, the design and the cut.

Sizes: Leather blazers come in different sizes be it long or short. Men usually wear long ones. Whereas women prefer both long and short.

Tips on how to keep the leather Blazers

- Store your leather jacket either flat or on a wide, sturdy, padded hanger to prevent stretch marks. Make sure to never use a plastic cover.

Take care of the stains pronto. When in doubt take the jacket to the dry cleaner.