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Fur Coat Storage Guide: How To Keep Fur Safe And Looking New

No matter how fashionable and expensive fur coats are, and no matter how you’d always want to show them off, the fact remains to be that they’re seasonal and there will always come a time to store them somewhere safe until the next cold season comes. Imagine somebody wearing their most expensive fur coat in the middle of a hot summer day, that would be really bizarre and silly as well. Fur lovers just have to accept the fact that, when the sun comes out, fur coats have to be closet kings and queens in hibernation.

The right fur coat storage for those precious fur coats of yours, are very important. Storing them in the wrong way can be a costing and disheartening experience. One of the best steps you can take to increase the long life of your fur coast and protect its value is giving it a summer vacation in cooler climes. Storing it correctly will give you a glossy, clean garment when it comes out of hibernation.

The first option in correct fur coat storage is hanging the fur coat on wide hangers in a closet that is large enough to avoid crushing garments together. Keep away from hanging fur coats where sunlight could oxidize exposed sleeves or an entire side of the fur coat.

The second option to correct fur coat storage is moving the furs to a professional storage facility when the warmer months come. There are a lot of fur services establishments that can take care of your fur for you. Sometimes an air-conditioned room or a cool basement can’t do the job, from protecting the leather from moth damage or drying. Dried leather would eventually crack and result to excessive shedding of your fine fur coat.

The third option to correct fur coat storage is choosing a fur vault for summer storing over a dry cleaner’s storage room. A vault with circulating air kept at 45 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit temperature and a fifty percent level humidity will preserve your fur coat better.

Checking the terms of the storage company’s insurance coverage will give you a better idea of the possible consequences if ever the coat is damaged. Furriers normally offer the nominal insurance coverage for fur coats in storage and you may want to add further coverage available for a small fee. Make sure also that you insure your fur for its replacement value in your homeowner’s policy.

Before you put your fur coat in long-term storage, make sure you have your fur coats cleaned as during winter months, particles of dust sift down through the hairs and settle on the leather absorbing the natural oils and hastening the skin’s drying and cracking.

The right fur coat storage will give you a ‘brand-new’ like fur coat when you put it out of hibernation when the cold months come, always remember the rule-of-thumb for fur coat storage, never crush a fur coat in a plastic bag.