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How to Design Your Own Handbag

For a woman a handbag serves a number of purposes. One of the obvious purposes of the handbag is to carry items that may be needed during the course of the day. Those items could include a wallet, cosmetics, cell phone, keys and other personal items.

In addition to a handbag serving a practical purpose there are other considerations that a woman takes into account when selecting a handbag. Some of those other considerations include the number of compartments within the handbag, the length and thickness of the strap, the color, style, etc.

Also there are some women who are very fashion conscious and will choose a handbag that has a designer label. Whereas, there are some women who are not swayed by fashion imposed upon them by others, but choose to simply design their own handbag based on their own lifestyle and personal tastes. For those independent individuals it is important to know how to design your own handbag. That design should include a choice in pattern and the use of certain tools.

Choosing Your Pattern

The first step to take when beginning to design your own handbag is to select the pattern. Patterns can vary in style and range in complexity from simple to multifaceted. In addition, choice of color is almost unlimited.

Also, handbag patterns can be found in a variety of places. Some of those locales include local craft stores, websites that sell handbag patterns and some patterns can be downloaded at no cost.

In addition, when the pattern is selected it is time to select the material that will be used to create the handbag. As you design your own handbag keep in mind your personality and lifestyle. For example if you are a free spirit and you dress casually, you may wish to design a denim handbag.

Materials Needed to Design Your Own Handbag

When performing any job it is important to have the right tool. In order to design your own handbag it is no different. Some of those tools include a good pair of cutting scissors, different size needles and the appropriate type of thread. That thread that binds the patterned handbag together can be nylon, leather, etc.

In addition, it is important to think through the finished process and visualize how the handbag will look. Therefore, the final step in order to design your own handbag is to add any ornamental designs or other embellishments. Those embellishments could include floral designs, sequins, straps, etc.