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How to Look the Business in Smart Casual Attire This Winter

This article gives advice to men to help them look stylish and sophisticated in smart casual attire this winter.

Style Sort Out

We all know that there is nothing more annoying that receiving an event or party invitation with the dress code “smart casual.” What does it even mean? Can you wear denims, or can’t you? Are plimsolls allowed or does it have to be something more formal.

After all of the head scratching, we often end up looking like buffoons because we thought “to hell with it” and went for the more formal slant. Then we end up looking overdressed, and being looked at all night by the other party attendees.

How often do we land regretfully on the other side of the coin, too? Turning up underdressed can be just as chastening an ordeal.

Let’s forget all of that, and ensure that you get smart casual bang on correct this winter.

Try some of these for size.

Tailoring Polos

One way many men find a great middle ground and feel comfortable in smart casual attire is to start from a formal base, and then dress it down. They’ll take off the tie, loosen a couple of buttons on their shirt, and swap the formal footwear for something a little less so.

While this is a great idea and undoubtedly a safe choice, it doesn’t say a lot for your imagination in the style stakes. Experiment a little and consider turning up the bottom of skinny or slim suit trousers to show a touch of ankle and grey casual plimsolls.

The centrepiece, however, is the swapping of the shirt for a polo shirt. Whether you go for a branded variety such as Fred Perry or something plain and simple from the high street, this is an essential smart casual outfit component.

Knitwear and Chinos

One of the great things about chinos is that they look a lot better with formal footwear than jeans do. This makes them the perfect smart casual trouser then, especially if you can stick to sober colours such as navy blues and darker reds. You may want to swap your brogues out for suede loafers or something similar, though, just so you don’t look like a total clash of smart and casual styles.

Up top, one technique growing in smart casual circles is to just add knitwear instead of wearing a suit jacket. If you wear a buttoned cardigan, for example, you can keep the smart element by showing your tailored shirt and tie underneath, while presenting the knit and chinos as the casual element of your style.

Try these ideas out this winter and you’ll find that smart casual is not the trial it used to be! Stylepilot is all about mens fashion. It is an online start-up designed exclusively for men to discover fashion tips.