How to Remove Permanent Makeup

There can be times when a permanent makeup procedure goes wrong and you may want to reverse the process. However, just like a tattoo, this makeup cannot be removed completely. However, the makeup can be made to fade away largely by laser removal.

The success of the makeup removal will depend on the colors that are used in the makeup. Colors like red, green, and bluish black will respond very well to the removal process. Fluorescent colors and pastels are seen to be quite difficult to remove. After studying the colors used in your makeup, the surgeon will decide if you are a candidate for laser surgery or not

Laser Removal

The process of laser removal of a cosmetic tattoo involves the use of a laser beam. The surgeon will treat the specific area of your skin with pulses of laser. These pulses of light affect the cosmetic pigments on the skin. These pigments absorb the laser pulses and they then disintegrate and fade away. The natural skin pigments are unaffected by laser treatment. You will have to undergo more than one sitting of this treatment in order to get rid of the makeup completely.

Always ensure that you go to a reputable surgery to get the procedure carried out. Make sure that you have done due diligence and obtained referrals and opinions from genuine patients before you make the booking. It can be a stressful process, and you will want to do all that you can in order to make it less problematic.

Side Effects

The process of removal of permanent makeup is not free of side effects. The skin may seem swollen for a few days after the treatment. You may also get black eyes and swollen lips. However, these side effects are temporary and they will go away after a few days with proper aftercare. However, do inform your surgeon immediately if you notice hypo pigmentation or hyperactive pigmentation, after the treatment.

Other Options

Apart from laser therapy, many other cosmetic procedures can be used to remove cosmetic tattooing. Such procedures include microdermabrasion and cryosurgery. However, these processes bring about the adding of the tattoo and their complete removal. In addition, these processes can scar the skin, which is a condition that is not desirable.


It goes without saying that removing permanent makeup is more difficult than applying it. After all, it is essentially tattooing colors onto your skin. It is therefore in your best interest to think very carefully before even taking the plunge to undergo permanent makeup surgery. Whilst the results of permanent makeup are obvious, you will be left with it for the foreseeable future, and correcting it will only cause you more grief when it could have been avoided in the first place.

Read about micropigmentation techniques from as many different sources as you can find, and always check to see if there are plenty of options for you to choose from. By having a larger selection pool, you will hopefully be able to have a successful permanent makeup surgery and not even think about the removal process.

This article was brought to you by Judy Lulu, a native English writer based in Hong Kong who wants to live in a lipstick jungle. Judy is currently exploring the possibilities of micropigmentation technology and advancement.