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How To Use Fictional Characters As Fashion Inspiration

When I was at school I was never really the coolest guy. I didn't particularly want to be though (which is just as well), because all I was interested in was being like my heroes – Jackie Chan, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Superman, Iron Man and other fictional heroes/film action stars. This was part of the problem though – as I was so detached from the real world and so caught up in my own imagination that I couldn't see anything wrong with trying to dress like those guys. Whereas the cool guys at school were wearing designer labels and dressing like football stars, here was me dressing like Tony Stark or Jackie Chan. I had one outfit even that was entirely white because that's what Jackie Chan wore in City Hunter and later on I went through a similar phase of dressing entirely in blue and red to look like Clark Kent. I couldn't understand why it looked so cool on the, but just didn't work on me...

Anyway I've grown up now (sort of) and I do realize that what looks good in a fictional world about aliens doesn't necessarily work down here on Earth. But I do still like to give little nods to my favourite film characters in what I wear and to the movies in general which sometimes can set great trends. Here we will look at how to go about mimicking your favourite heroes without letting it look like fancy dress...

Recreations: Part of the problem with my old attempts to recreate Jackie Chan and Clark Kent's garb was that I didn't have the same resources as either of those idols – I looked like the bargain bucket Chan which wasn't so hot...

However if you have the money and you're that big a fan then it is possible to buy recreations and even props from the films which can do the job. For instance if you love X-Men then you can get Wolverine's leather jacket from X-Men Origins: Wolverine which is the real authentic deal.

Choose Your Items: Notice I said Wolverine's leather jacket and not his claws – if you want to integrate something lifted straight from the movies then choose something that won't be too obvious and that will match the rest of your 'normal' wardrobe. Jack SparrowA great choice here often is to wear jewellery that is similar or the same as those from the movies – the Evenstar from Lord of the Rings for instance is a popular choice of pendant.

Adapt: It's also important that you don't try to become a carbon copy of the character you like, but rather just take the elements that you respond to and integrate them into your look. Note for example that the clothes that say, Captain Jack Sparrow wears, won't necessarily look good on you if you weigh 20 stone or if you're bald (hair is a big thing for old Jack).

Instead then what you should do is to look at the character of Jack Sparrow and how his clothes reflect who he is – he's an adventurer who's been all around the world and he's collected trinkets along the way. Rather than trying to look exactly like him by wearing his trinkets, you should add ones of your own that tell your story and that match your style. Likewise Wolverine dresses how he does because he's rough and ready and a brawler, so again if you want to mimic his look you don't need his clothes – just clothes that look functional and damaged rather than pristine.

Nicholas Boulton was a great mimic artist of his time and loves sharing useful fashion tips through his blog. He recommends Rainbow Sapphire Jewelers for quality and stylist jewelry.