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How to Wear Clothing with Slimming Attributes

Your looks can be greatly enhanced by the way you dress and therefore, if you desire to look slimmer and leaner, you must choose clothes that have slimming attributes. There are certain areas of the body which you like to hide and the clothes that you wear can greatly help you in doing so.

Here are the ways on how to wear clothes that have slimming attributes:

Wear Slimming Colors

It is true that there are certain colors that have a slimming effect. Black is the strongest contender in this aspect. You can wear black clothes to give a leaner effect. However, the trend cannot be followed in summers, when dressing from head to toe in black would not only make you hot but also look boring. Instead you can opt for other dark shades such as burgundy, navy blue, chocolate brown or dark green and team them with similar colored pants or top. Wearing the same color gives a leaner silhouette.

You must however, avoid wearing clothes with horizontal stripes or patterns as they make you look wider. In addition, choose darker bottoms if you are wearing a dark top or shirt. To do away with the monotony of a single color, one can accentuate their dress with a colorful scarf or bag for a woman while men can wear a tie.

Wear Clothes That Fit Well

It is often seen that people trying to hide their weight opt for loose fitting or baggy clothes. This is a complete contrast to what actually you should be doing to look slim. To look slim and lean, it is better to choose clothes that fit well. Loose fitting clothes make you feel more bloated and wider. However, wearing ill-fitting or too tight clothes can also make you look heavy as they would expose the body contours. Therefore, you should choose clothes that fit well according to your body type and give it a lean silhouette. You can choose straight pants as they give a slimming effect.

The shirts that you choose should be well-fitting around the shoulder with the length not being too much. A long shirt would make you look short. You can choose chiffon or silk tops to camouflage a tummy.

Complement the Clothes with Jackets and Belts

You can wear short jackets that are just mid-hip high to make your legs appear longer. However, there should be no shoulder pads on the jacket as these add weight to the body frame. The jacket should fit well as only then it would be able to hide the tummy. Belts can also be worn to enhance the look but these should not be too elaborate to draw attention. This is especially for those who have a big waistline.

Wearing the right type of clothing can bring in a lot of difference to your appearance and to your confidence. Therefore, when shopping for clothes, whether formal or casual, go for clothes that highlight the best attribute of your body. Look for brands that give you a good fit or else get your clothes tailored to have that perfect fit.

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