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Looking Cool And Staying Safe With Quality Sunglasses

Sunglasses have two main functions – making you look cool with the perfect summer accessory, and more importantly protecting your eyes from the bright summer sun. When there are so many health risks relating to poorly protected eyes, it is important to first take into consideration a pair of sunglasses eye protection factor before you look at the style.

Your Safety And Visual Health

When the summer sun comes out from behind the clouds, most people think about lathering on the sun block, but often forget about protecting your eyes. Your eyes are just as delicate as your skin and wearing the right sunglasses to protect them means that you are protecting yourself from vision problems both short term and long term.

By wearing no sunglasses or just sunglasses that have been designed purely for cosmetic use, you are increasing the risk of getting cataracts, skin cancer around the eyes, cornea sunburn, or degeneration of vision.

To prevent any of these health risks, you need to make sure that you are picking sunglasses that offer the right protection. Always look for lenses that block UV rays at 99% or over. Ask your optician if they block UVA and UVB rays as these are the most harmful to the eyes. Polarized lenses are great for blocking out a lot of glare, especially from reflective surfaces such as water or glass.

Blue blockers are then ideal for lessening the brightness of the brightest rays that will reach your eyes so that you don’t have to squint when out in the sunshine. Make sure that you find lenses that cover the whole of your eye area so that even the delicate skin around your eye is protected. This also will help prevent premature gaining of the skin around the eyes.

Your Style And Looking Good

Choosing your style of sunglasses is down to your face shape (and which style would suit you best) as well as picking something that is in fashion, timeless, suitable for a range of occasions and goes with your general style.Sunglasses with polarized lenses can reduce that glare and help you to enjoy the summer activities you love.

In terms of face shape, oval faces can wear a variety of sunglasses styles because there are no prominent features that need to be balanced out. If you have a hart shaped face for example you can buy sunglasses from 8wake that are in the wayfarer style as the angular lines will balance out your narrow chin. If you have a round face however, opt for glasses that are wider than your face to create the illusion of narrower cheekbones.

In terms of fashion, wayfarers and aviators are always going to be in fashion, and even large round sunglasses are now becoming better known as celebrity fashion essentials. When choosing a style of shades, you may want to think about the types of occasions on which you might wear them – plain, metal frames are best for formal occasions where colorful plastic frames are great for accessorizing a fun outfit.