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Mature Women Choose Stylish Swimwear

Every woman knows that choosing swimwear is a very personal decision but one that is influenced by social pressure. If you are fifty or older, you might be convinced that older does not necessarily mean better as gravity takes over your body. Helen Mirren has been held up as the ideal for a middle aged woman donning a two piece bathing suit and daring to be photographed, but red bikinis simply do not work for all 62-year olds.

Do not despair. Even if you are feeling rather saggy, there are many stylish options available in flattering and functional swimsuits. The key is to understand before you go shopping what makes you look good and feel comfortable so you are not unduly influenced by an aggressive salesperson.

Body Shape
The shape of your body has probably shifted over the last ten years so update your mental image file. Whether you are classified as pear, apple, or banana shaped, the key principle is the same for choosing a bathing suit. Use the design, material, and color of the suits to balance an overabundance with a deficiency or, if you have a lean, straight athletic build, to show some curves.

These are just a few examples of how to create a more attractive body shape by tricking the eye.
· Create a waistline with a few ruffles top and bottom so there appears to be a curve in to the middle of your silhouette.
· “Thunder thighs” and a large bottom are diminished visually with a high cut leg opening that lengthens the look of your leg.
· Minimize overall bulk with a swim dress or tankini with its blousy top.
· Enhance your skin tone with vibrant colors and dramatic prints. Avoid dull neutrals that drain energy from your face.
· Dark stripes down the sides of the suit and brighter colors down the middle reduce your body outline.
· Make sure you have adequate support for any sags and bulges.
· Bikinis are perfectly acceptable, no matter what your age. Make sure you bend, stretch, sit and lie down while trying it on so you are comfortable in it.

When choosing a swimsuit, it is important to think about what you will be doing in it. Serious swimming is not usually done in a ruffled bikini and there are few navy blue one-piece suits that look like they are having fun on the beach building sandcastles with the kids. This means you will have a good excuse to buy at least two bathing suits. Choose swimwear with thought and a dash of imagination so you can reveal yourself with confidence.