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Men: Learn the Dont’s of Buying Lingerie for Your Woman

Men, when it comes to purchasing lingerie for your woman, there are many factors to consider as a majority of women are incredibly particular about the lingerie that they wear. A recent survey has revealed that one in five women have never worn the lingerie that their partners have bought for them because they are the wrong size, impractical or simply not sexy at all. You do not have to spend hundreds of pounds in order to keep your partner feeling and looking sexy. Despite the price of most lingerie stores, nearly one in four women will admit that they will wear the lingerie that their partners choose for them once before it is deemed unworn and unloved.

Women often enjoy expressing themselves with the clothing that they wear and lingerie is a major line of apparel that they enjoy wearing in intimate settings as well as everyday life. Although men may spend an average amount of $42 on lingerie for their significant other, researchers have found that many men fail to correctly purchase the right size or find a gift that appeals to their significant other’s personal preferences and tastes. During the holiday seasons, it is estimated that $100 million was spent and wasted on adventurous bras, knickers and G-strings for their significant others. In an online poll of 1,600 British women, the results revealed that nearly two in three women have been given lingerie. Although they may have appreciated the gesture, the lingerie itself was disappointing.

Modern women admit that they enjoy erotic novels, such as Fifty Shades of Grey; however, many of these women have found that the real-life attempts to bring lingerie into the bedroom a turn-off. In fact, nearly six in ten women admit that they dislike leather or PVC underwear. “Edible” panties and fishnet-style lingerie were also found to be quite unpopular. Instead, many women tend to prefer sensual underwear that can also be worn in everyday life. One study has shown that women, between the ages of 45 and 54, were twice as likely to not wear their lingerie gifts than younger women.

When it comes to purchasing lingerie for your significant other, is it important to ask yourself a few questions regarding your partner’s personality. Is your partner a fashion trend-setter or does your partner prefer to dress classy? Is your partner more wild and dominating or demure and dainty? In addition, be sure to confirm your partner’s size in order to buy the correct size of lingerie. As every woman wishes to feel great about herself on a daily basis, it is important that you select the right lingerie set to boost her confidence as well as spice up your love life. For more information about women's intimate attire check out one of our favorite sites, ExquisiteLingerie.co.uk.