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Pick The Perfect Sunglasses For You

We all enjoying looking our best and that usually involves shopping for nice clothes and accessories. A smart shirt and cool slacks can make all the difference for men trying to impress the ladies. Just as some striking lipstick and knockout earrings can have the ladies wanting to know where you bought that fabulous gear from. When it comes to choosing some stunning shades, they are no different to any other fashion item. And you need to select the best pair for your personal style as well as ticking a few other boxes. This article looks at the best practice to follow when picking your next pair of sunglasses.

Eye Safety First

No matter how much you want that ultra-cool pair of shades, you need to ensure that they provide proper eye protection from those dangerous UV rays. Check the lens specification and accept nothing less than 99 percent UVB and 95 percent UVA protection.  If the information does not include a specific protection rating, do not purchase these glasses.

Putting On The Style

Now the fun part begins, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to deciding which style suits you best. There are many different styles available, but we have chosen the six most popular for this article:

Bent Rushmore

      • Aviators – Probably the most famous style out there, thanks to countless blockbuster movie appearances! These have very thin frames and a teardrop shaped lens. Originally designed for airline pilots and the US police force. They are incredibly versatile and tend to suit most face shapes, although an oval face is the best match.
      • Wraparound shades – These are exactly as the name suggests, they tend to be plastic with either a mirrored or totally black lens. They are favoured by extreme sports athletes and the look is probably better suited to the under 50’s out there.
      • Wayfarers – These are a classic shape and were favoured by none other than Audrey Hepburn in the classic movie – Breakfast at Tiffany’s
  • Mirror Shades – These have been around for a while but are still very much en vogue. The mirrored lens goes well with wraparound or aviator frame styles.
  • Teashades – Also known as John Lennon glasses, the small round lenses are very swish, but do not protect your eyes very well.
  • Oversized – Very glamorous but you need loads of individual style to carry this look off.

Fitting Times

Ensure the frames are a perfect fit, or otherwise they will either fall off or break pretty quickly. Your eyelashes should not touch the lens or frames and the weight distribution should be even.

Lens Colours

The colour of your lens is more than just a fashion statement, because they actually have a specific function as described below:

Lake Arrowhead

  • Brown Lenses – These a good for snow sports as they block out a lot of blue light.
  • Grey Lenses – These will reduce the light intensity nicely, they will not distort colours.
  • Copper Lenses – Good for ball sports such as golf, because they will pick out the little white ball nicely against the sky or grass background.

Up To You!

Hopefully this little guide will point you in the right direction but remember to check for that all important protection guarantee before buying those cool shades.

Daniel Nicholas is an eyewear dealer. According to him, the use of dior 3197 glasses enhances your looks similar to that of star.