Plus Size Fashion Tips: Plus Size Goes Mainstream!

America's plus size community is expanding. Studies show that the average dress size in the United States is already size 14. Furthermore, according to a research company, the sales of the plus-size women's clothes increased by 7 percent. These are evidences that the population of the plus sized people are indeed growing.

Just ten years ago plus size women were limited to clothes shopping in the two back corner racks of the local department store. We didn't have a lot of selection in style and fit and really--we didn't enjoy shopping for ourselves all that much. It's hard feeling good about a wardrobe full of cartoon character t-shirts and too short stretchy pants, and it was disappointing to shop for more of the same.

Our choices in fashion were basic polyester stretch pants (remember those thick elastic waistbands ladies?), plain oversize t-shirts, and flowing, flowery polyester house dresses. Anything that was somewhat nice was stocked in limited quantities and at an exorbitant price.

Ladies we felt & looked frumpy and dowdy because that's all we had to wear!

Today however, full figured women can now enjoy trendy and comfortable fashions--at prices most can afford. And with easy online access, we are no longer limited to what the local department stores choose for us. We can choose from denims, cottons, silks & satins. Flower prints, stripes, solids and polka dots. Well fitted career wear, two piece bathing suits, short pants, long pants--the sky is the limit and we have more choices than ever before.

Want to wear a fun, flirty skirt? Or a trendy tanktini on that fabulous beach holiday? No problem! It's just a click away online. Your biggest dilemma will be choosing just one item out of the three or four that have caught your eye. What a shift from ten years ago!

Today taller plus size women can finally find those pants that fit both width AND length. And then there's petite plus size fashions for women who are shorter than average. We've got fashion selections now that fit all heights of fuller figured women--short, medium and tall.

With online shopping, plus size fashion freedom has finally arrived for full figured women. Choose all the figure flattering and trendy styles you want and say goodbye forever to frumpy and dowdy. It's time for us to shine like the beautiful women we truly are.

To remove the idea that skinny is the only way to be beautiful, there are have been many fashionable clothes that are made for the plus size person. Plus size clothes no longer hang in the end of the rack but are a whole new category of clothes. Indeed, a perfect 10 is not needed to sport the latest trends in fashion.

Clothes for plus size people are differently designed. These target the possible problem areas that a typical plus size people may encounter. Here are some reminders to keep up with the plus size fashion

Plus Size Fashion Tips

• Keep accessories near the neck and sleeves. Scarves and stoles have worked wonders in the whole outfit. These divert attention from flabby arms and/or broad shoulders. For an illusion of slimness, wrap it around or across your shoulders.

• Do not highlight the problem areas (arm, hips and waist) with bold prints, bright colors and accessories. Horizontal stripes are not recommended if they are thick because they will only make you look wider. Thin horizontal stripes are fine because from a far they seem to look like a solid color. NOTE: color and pattern are not as essential as shape and fit.

• Embroidery is suggested to be near the skirt hemline. Cover the hips, if it is a problem area, with long tops

• Tops should slightly clingy to the waist to provide a slimming look. However, it shouldn't be too clingy or too loose either. Never wear anything that would make you look like that you are wearing a tent. Wide necklines are suggested.

* Choose fabrics that fit great and give structure. Fabrics that cling at the problem areas are of course not recommended. Heavier fabrics and heavier weight cotton are the ones suggested for plus size women. These fabric controls the body shape rather than body shape the clothes.

* Choosing the right hairstyle is also essential to prevent highlighting puffy cheeks and adding on a slimming illusion to your face

Following these reminders may aid the average plus size person in choosing the right clothes and accessories for them. Here are some basic items that would look fabulous on those plus size women.

1. Wide-leg trousers. Be sure that it fitting on the your body's widest part and would just flow straight down.

2. V-neck tops. This kind of tops makes your neck look longer. Thus, making you look taller.

3. A-line skirts. This kind of skirt gives you the hourglass figure. It also goes great with a lot of other clothes.

Today, plus size does not mean fat. It has already established its reputation in the fashion scene that it can be both sexy and sophisticated. In fact, more stores have added plus sizes in their racks to cater to more customers. Indeed, the plus size fashion skyrocketed in the market.

Fashion has a great impact in ones society. Sometimes, we cannot escape that society would somehow dictate what looks good or not. However, with the right clothes and right attitude, your feeling gorgeous and sexy wouldn't be so hard in any size.