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Shoes and Handbags – Matching Styles and Colors

Ladies shoes and handbags were once practical items limited in styles and colors. Today’s fashion industry is much more diverse – using shoes and handbags as fashion accessories as a way to liven an ensemble and complete a look. While shoes and handbags do not have to match exactly, they should compliment one another. The multitude of modern shoes and handbags currently on the market allow women to mix and match accessories to create a polished look. In general, your handbag should be of high quality and be of a size that matches your style and shoe choice.

Always begin coordination between shoe and handbags with the color. If you are unsure about various shades and tones, it may be best to stick with a neutral color that will not draw attention away from your ensemble. Do not wear colors that are too vibrant or loud, as this can give too much focus to your hands and feet. Remember that adding other accessories, such as hats or belts, can help to showcase your outfit.

Consider texture when finding matching shoes and handbags. Opt for an elegant patterned handbag if you decide to wear an outfit in black and white. Footwear that is too detailed can take away from your outfit, so find shoes that are the same basic color of your handbag pattern.

The size of the handbag is also a huge factor when putting an outfit together. The more flowing the look, the bigger the bag should be in most cases. Tailored jackets, business suits, and anything that sports clean lines should be paired with a small clutch bag. Large handbags look best with flat shoes. Choose either the shoes or handbag to be the primary accessory for your outfit, never both.

Finding shoes that compliment a handbag and vise-versa can be difficult. Use these tips to aid you in your search of the perfect shoe and handbag combo.

    • Combine matte with metallic: Silver can look highly sleek when paired with black in both shoes and handbags. White-gold looks best when matched with a shade of brown or tan.
    • Match prints: If possible, try to match the prints on your accessories. Stick with classic patterns and try to get the same pattern in both the shoes and handbag or opt for colors in the same theme.
    • Vibrant vs. neutral: If you are unable to find matching shoes and handbags, choose one accessory as the main focus. For example, get a handbag in a neutral color and shoes in vibrant shade or pattern to make it pop.
    • Pick the same materials: While this rule doesn’t apply for all fabrics, it’s sometimes highly fashionable to match materials with both the shoes and handbags. Leather is idea for both accessories.
    • Match themes: Whether you want to go vintage or stay modern, it’s important to maintain the theme. The Roman theme is currently popular and would look great with cute sandals and a matching shoulder-bag.
    • Solids vs. Prints: Balance loud patterns with basic colors, such as white or black. For example, leopard print looks incredible with cherry red. Paired with a hobo bag of lace or satin, solids and prints can complete a look.

There are no set rules for matching shoes with handbags – and it’s best to stick with your own style. Both accessories are highly fashionable in the modern world and can truly add to an outfit. It’s easy to overdo accessories with vibrant colors and loud patterns. Stay up to date with the latest trends to properly match shoes and handbags.

About the Author: Brandi Bergess is a professional freelance writer with years of experience writing for the beauty/fashion industry. One of her favorite past times is searching online to find the perfect pair of cheap heels for a night out on the town with friends.