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Shoes To Fall For In Fall/Winter 2012/2013

Fall may be halfway done, but you still have the whole of winter coming your way. Do you already have the top shoe styles for the seasons? We asked around and found that these are going to be the fall and winter trends: Loud designs that shout Ballerina flats of before have a simple design that is not really that noticeable, so why is it going to be big this season? Well, ballerina flats of today are nothing like the ones from yester years. Ballerina flats are now here to make a large statement. They come in loud, expressive, and elaborative designs that are out to get noticed. So they will definitely be big this fall and winter.

Platform ShoesPlatform shoes out, velvet shoes in

Platform shoes may be loud and attention-grabbing but they are definitely getting out of fashion, at least for now. Velvet shoes are now back and they are making a big splash! So have those huge, chunky platforms wrapped in bubble paper for now and get those velvet shoes out.

Sky is the limit

Pointed stilettos are going to be big this coming fall and winter. Very high, pencil-thin heels are going to be very stylish this season. If you want to make your stilettos louder and more attention-grabbing, then sky is the limit. Put embellishments on it. Choose between spikes, bows, buckles, or any stylish bauble. If you want to stay simple but still be a looker, choose classic stilettos in perfect, solid colors. Choose vibrant and bright shades and you are sure to wow others. Do you dig animal prints? Leopard prints are going to be the hottest trend I as far as pump shoes are concerned.

Get higher

7-inch stilettos may be hard on one’s ankles, calves, and legs. But they would definitely be big this coming fall and winter. Your high heels may be high, but is it high enough? The higher the heels, the better it would make you look. Be sure to be a lot careful though because mega high-heeled shoes mean mega slip and falls. Being more cautious and careful while walking, takes care of that somewhat small nuisance. Besides, you might want to walk slowly and enjoy the sight people with their eyes popping by ogling at you.

Booties won’t get you booted out

Ankle length bootie-styled shoes are still going to be fab this winter, so if you still have them; that would be great. 2012/2013 booties are sporty, edgy, have lots of hardware, and got tons of embellishments. This season, you will sure see tons of booties with shearling in the right places. So take your pick when you go shopping.

So there you have it, the latest 2012/2013 trends for shoes. So get those shoes that you have neatly tucked in your closet. Because you’ll never know when they would be fashionable again!

Beverly Houston is passionate about fashion and is gaga over staying beautiful. This gal from the Irvine loves to blog about the beauty tips and trends, fashion trends, entertainment and everything about online shopping.