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Stylish Brands of Men’s Casual Clothing

Always put your best foot forward. Always try to make the best impression whether you are dealing with a client or a business associate. It is good business sense to make people feel that you are responsible and it shows in the way you dress. It is not enough to look good for business, it is also important to consider your casual wear or streetwear.

Imagine the impact if you encounter one of your clients while shopping or while doing your errands. It is best to anticipate these things especially if you are in a high level position of authority and influence in your particular industry.

Clothes Make the Man

The importance of high quality and yet highly fashionable mens designer streetwear must never be underestimated. As quoted by Mark Twain, 'Clothes Make The Man'. High-powered individuals like CEOs and successful businessmen consider their clothes as part of their arsenal, in their ability to close a deal or command respect among their peers.

However, they may not have the luxury of time shopping for clothes that guarantee immediate impact with their clients and associates. Men are not known for hiring fashion consultants. Men are known for their practical sense. It could be argued that men are the reason why ready-to-wear-items were created in the first place. Men would go inside a store, purchase the things that they need and then leave.

Brands that Make the Grade

Although powerful and successful men tend to prefer the fine clothes created by professional tailors, it is not practical to buy all their clothes from a haberdashery. In the United Kingdom, there are three brands that are consistent when it comes to fashionable streetwear. One of the best companies that offer this type of products is Barbour. The second firm that requires no further introduction is Engineered Garments. However, if you want to stand out from the crowd, try streetwear from Norse Projects.

Barbour and James Bond

You probably heard about Barbour and chances are you have purchased a few items from this brand before. The company's reputation went through the roof a few weeks ago after the release of the film Skyfall. It was the 23rd instalment of the most successful movie franchise in history. The James Bond brand partnered with Barbour in order to showcase the type of quality, elegance, and style that characterized this firm.

If you want to spend time away from the office and needed casual streetwear, Barbour has a myriad offering that includes the Steve McQueen Collection. James Bond is a fictional character but Steve McQueen is a bigger-than-life hero who raced motorcycles and flew airplanes. In fact, McQueen was famous for racing in the International Six Day Trials for Team USA in 1964.

Engineered Garments

High-quality streetwear could be purchased from another popular store designer brand named Engineered Garments. The said firm could easily satisfy the most discriminating tastes in designer menswear. Engineered Garments is one of the rare clothing brands that guarantee functionality and style in abundance.

Engineered Garments was a fulfilment of a vision borne from the designer's interaction with the military. Therefore, their products were created with rugged durability in mind. If you invest in products from this firm, be assured that your investment will not go to waste.

Norse Projects Scandinavian Influence

If you want something stylish and yet unique, then, go for designer streetwear from Norse Projects. It is a Scandinavian company but there are elements of Danish design woven into their clothes. The firm said that products from the Norse Projects are both functional and timeless.

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