Summer Fashion 2013

Spring has sprung – and gone. Summer is here, now, and boy, is it making a splash! And, you need to be in step with summer fashion in 2013. Here are some of the hottest (literally) looks for this summer.


That’s right – leather! Leather is in for this summer! This fabric drapes to your shape possibly more seductively than any other, and its texture can’t be denied. The key to leather for summer wear is “moderation”. An asymmetrical skirt, a leather tank top, or even a soft, loose leather belt can add that touch of organic, plush style. Go with the soft leather that’s pliable and flowing. Save the stiff leather for fall and winter – the jackets, belts, and handbags made of heavier leather. And, if you’re animal friendly, don’t worry – Vegan leather is available with all of the beauty, supple feel, and class of animal leather. There you go! Right in step!

Mixed Patterns

Mixed patterns are strong this year on the summer 2013 fashion scene. Mom used to tell us to never mix patterns, but what Mom didn’t know is that it’s perfectly ok, if you know how to do it right. In this case, pay attention to the sizes of the prints you combine. The masterful way to do it is to use different sizes of prints, and different types of prints, as well. For example, if you just adore that black and white checked mini skirt, add a top with a large floral print. The balance is amazing, and you’ll love the look. It helps, too, if you can keep the prints within the same intensity. However, if you want to mix a watercolor-style print with something a bit more bold, try to keep it in the same color range. This will help to make the outfit pull together, without looking like you’re wearing items from separate garage sales.


Yep, overalls are back. And they’re cuter than ever! Whether you select a set of overalls or a jumpsuit, they are this year’s slimming, comfortable go-everywhere item. You might try the demi-dungaree – the equivalent of overall short shorts. Or, go for the denim clam diggers with the trendy folded-up cuff. Your bib overalls can be of any material, including linen and leather. Just one suggestion, though – if you’re going for leather overalls, keep them short. You can take a good thing too far.


You read that right – Lucite is in for 2013 summer fashion. Clear heels with those short overalls are striking and desirable. That clear sole and heel, and the clear wedge inserted into a pair of classy pumps, reminds you that summer is here, and you shouldn’t take things too seriously. They give you the illusion of walking on air. What better way to celebrate summer?  image source


Finally, don’t overlook the addition of holographic prints in your summer wardrobe. Whether you select an eye-catching skirt or a summer bag, holographic prints are in.

Enjoy your summer, and don’t forget to add these trendy touches to your summer wardrobe.