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Ten Positive Things About Fur Coats

Fur coats have long been in the limelight as ‘fashionable and expensive’ piece of garments. They have dominated runways, trade fairs, and fashion shows. The elite have been running after them fashion after fashion, making them a collectors item and a great big symbol of their stature in society. Although a lot of controversy has been brought out with this expensive ‘animal-made’ fur garments because of their ‘animal-kill’ requirement in the manufacturing of the garment, it still is one of the best garment for the warmth and practicality it brings.

Here are ten good things about fur coats:

One good thing about fur coats and is also the number one reason to own a fur coat is the warmth it gives which is the most beautiful and stylish answer to winter.

The second good thing about fur coats is the fashion it brings the wearer. Furs are always in style and they are modern, casual and elegant winter garments. Fur collections are being used by more than one hundred fifty top international designers making it always in style and fashion.

The third good thing about fur coats is it is long lasting. Fur coats are naturally durable fibers that can last for many, many years.

The fourth good thing about fur coats is its re-styleability. Time and time again, as fashion always changes, fur coats can be restyled and updated to the latest fashion.

The fifth good thing about fur coats is, it is environmentally friendly. Fur are naturally bi-degradable products and a renewable resource.

The sixth good thing about fur coats is its versatility. Contrary to fur being only for occasions, fur coats of today can be worn with jeans or an evening gown and can still make you feel terrific. They have become a three-season fashion with the coming out of lighter weight furs and fur accessories.

The seventh good thing about fur coats is that buying a for coat supports livelihoods and cultures, as the fur trade is a proud North American heritage and supports thousands of people living on land, people who have a direct interest in the protection of vital wildlife habitat.

The eighth good thing about fur coats is the responsible conservation surrounding the industry today. Strict government controls have ensured the ‘NO’ use of endangered species on fur garments.

The ninth good thing about fur coats is the comfort it gives each and every wearer. Fur coats are sensual, soft, lightweight, and cozy and nothing equals the feeling of wearing fur coats.

The tenth good thing about fur coats is you can wear the fur choice of your choice. The trade industry is a responsible and well regulated industry and you can go ahead and feel proud wearing a natural fur coat.