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Brahmin Handbags and Products Guide

Brahmin handbags include a sophisticated series of small, medium and large handbags crafted of a combination of leather and cloth materials to offer the hottest trends and fashions to women across the world. As Brahmin handbags are crafted of only high quality, durable leathers, you can expect to be purchasing a handbag that will last you for several years. Making use of a blend of modern fashion elements with traditional styles, there is little to fear that your Brahmin handbags will go out of style.

In order to make Brahmin handbags as beautiful as they are, the bags are crafted only of the finest raw leathers that are then treated in a process that brings out the natural beauty of the leather. This process is very similar to the use of stain on wood, and results in all Brahmin handbags having subtle differences from each other. This technique allows your Brahmin handbags to be unique, even when coming from set model lines.

Brahmin Handbag Leather Croc
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BRAHMIN DEBI WALLET Normandy Pink Leather
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Brahmin Anywhere Convertible Satchel Black Grey EUC
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BRAHMIN DEBI WALLET Black Corsica Melbourne Croc Embossed Leather
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In addition to making use of only the finest leathers, Brahmin handbags make use of high quality brass for any buckles and snaps. The golden tone of brass goes well with leathers of all colors. As well, unlike gold or silver, brass is extremely durable. This durability will prevent the metal from becoming rough. Roughened metal tends to snag leather and can damage the leather straps over time. Because brass is used, the risk of the leather being compromised is greatly decreased.

When you purchase Brahmin handbags, you are also purchasing a high level of quality in the stitches. Making use of saddle stitches across all lines of Brahmin handbags, these stitches are much more appealing than the standard straight stitches used by many companies. In addition to this, Brahmin handbags only contain high quality nylon thread, which is known to have superior hold and last a long time. This will help increase the overall durability of the handbag, as well as increase its resistance to damage. Good stitches will not come apart unless put under a great deal of strain, which makes high quality stitching a must.

Last, but most certainly not least, is the pocket designs of Brahmin handbags. No handbag is useful without good storage space and design. In order to make certain each handbag is functional as well as beautiful, Brahmin has gone beyond the normal limits of handbags and have worked to balance space with design elements, giving as much room for cell phones and pens as possible.