The Effect of your Hairstyle on your Fashion Choices

All fashion-conscious women know that planning an outfit involves so many factors. Are you wearing a top and skirt, or a dress? Are you going for statement jewellery or simple pieces? Are you going to put on a scarf or belt? Should you choose matching purse and shoes or should you go for an accent piece? Which colours should you combine? Should the clothes be of slim or loose fit? What kind of make-up should you wear? These and so many other questions flow through our brains every time we have to go out.

One aspect that can be often neglected is the importance of your hair style. A carefully planned outfit can be utterly transformed just by letting your hair fall freely or putting it up in a pony tail. The impression that we want to create doesn’t just begin and end with your clothing and accessories – it is complimented or ruined by how you wear your hair.

Would you go to a formal event wearing an expensive long gown and precious jewellery with your hair looking messy? Of course not! Formal wear is brilliantly accompanied by classic hair dues like buns, French twists, or sleek pony tails. If your hair is frizzy, try taming it with hair straighteners and securing it with a product – you wouldn’t want the moisture in the air to create its own fuzzy style!

That said, the messy look is fabulous – just wear it at the right time. A casual combination of jeans and a slim fit T-shirt with high pumps, all combined with a loose hair slightly messed up with hair gel or foam will create an entirely sexy look, perfect for a casual night out with friends.

As with all fashion-related subjects, it’s all about balance. If you are wearing an outfit with more volume to it, don’t let your hair look the same way! Having a big dress and big hair will do nothing more than make you look big all round. It is better to combine voluminous clothing with discreet hair styles that let your face get all the glory.

While you can choose a piece of jewellery, a scarf, a bag, a blouse or something similar to be the centerpiece of your look, don’t choose it to be your hair style. Wearing simple clothing and simple accessories with an elaborate or intricate hair style is not advisable. The time-consuming, stylist-created hair styles should only be reserved for special events that involve fabulous gowns and expensive accessories. You can accessorize a simple hair style with a big flower or something of that kind, and let that be your centerpiece instead.

Always remember to stay true to the outfit with your hair style. If you are a fan of vintage dresses, take your time to examine the hair styles of the time as well to complete the look.

Your hair style is also important when choosing your make-up. If you have a fringe, for example, choosing bright eye shadows is not as great an idea as going with metallic shades. They really help to make the eyes stand out and not be covered by hair. If your hair is layered and some of it is covering a portion of the face, it is very important to accent your blusher to make your cheeks stand out more.

Never forget to include your hair style in the planning stage of your outfit. As you well know, a single lack of judgment when it comes to fashion is often interpreted as a complete lack of style.

Rita Rova is a fashion writer and provides fashion advice on behalf of Love My Vouchers; the voucher code website that not only provides you with the latest fashion discounts, but also gives you great style tips.