The Hottest Fashion Trend in Shoes is Steeper & Deeper

Taller, higher and steeper! The trend in women’s shoes today is reaching for the moon it seems. Look at any professional woman or young woman going out on a date and it is easy to see the heels are higher and spikier and the platforms are raised to match.

For several years women got away from many of the crazier heights and slender heels, preferring to tone it down. Toning it down can be translated to taking the pressure off the feet and legs because doctors were warning against the dangers of such heels.

Its not that doctors are giving up on the warnings. Its more like the ladies are ignoring the doctors advice. The heels and the accompanying platforms can still cause injury and long term damage but fashion trends tend to walk away from such things. Add the fact many of today’s shoes tend to take a steeper look which puts more pressure on the balls of the feet and you have an uncomfortable feeling as well.

Oscar de la Renta has gone in for lots of the steeper heels in the latest issues. Coupled with the wilder colors and more sparkly look, these steep, steep heels go along with a more spiked heel. This has gone beyond even what we saw in previous years when it came to retro spikes.

Gucci has also taken on the higher look but kept much of the retro style with rap around anklets and more open toes. The steepness is there but not quite as elongated as in the de la Renta styles.

Nina and Jean-Michel Cazabat both seem to be following the trend of the slender heel and the open air look. Less fabric seems to be in for shoe designers as well. Lulu’s, Land’s End and GLO all like the perkier straight up style.

When it comes to color look for the brightest you can find. While there are brown tones and darker colors it seems the hottest trend remains bright, colorful and “hot” as far as the tones in the color stretching across the spectrum. Paris Hilton’s hot pink with a bow comes to mind.

Christina Ricci, the actress who starred in the “Addams Family” movie before growing up to become somewhat of a glam-princess was seen at a Sephora fragrance store in West Los Angeles in early February and she was wearing what has become trendy. The high heeled and colorful pumps with a really slender four inch heel made her stand out and up. Just two weeks later she was highlighted with a pair of the ugliest shoes you would never expect her to wear. The white shoes with a lower heel came to an extreme point suitable for kicking an attacker if nothing else. It was glam-girl gone sour.

One wonders who will be wearing what at the Academy Awards but when it comes to shoes it really doesn’t matter for the most part. The gowns are gorgeous, very flashy and usually long enough to cover the shoes the stars are wearing. It seems like a waste of $1000 for a pair of shoes no one will ever see unless they hike the skirt. Can you say Angelina Jolie?

Kiera Noble is a certified shopaholic and she uses this website to find the perfect gifts for her friends and family.