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Tips For Protecting Your Sunglasses

Designer sunglasses cost a pretty penny with price tags running up to a thousand dollar. This is especially true for specialized sunglasses used by professional athletes in sports like touring and racing. It then becomes imperative to take good care of your sunglasses with your rewards being sufficient protection for your eyes, great looks, and long-term use of these all-important personal accessories.

Here are a few of the most important tips to achieve this purpose.

Regular Cleaning

The build-up of dust, dirt and grime from the environment as well as from fingers and face – think oil, salt and sweat from the latter – will adversely affect the sunglasses’ quality. We are not just talking about a dirty appearance either because these substances can affect the durability of the sunglasses. For example, salt can corrode the coatings on the frame and lenses.

Regular cleaning of the sunglasses is then necessary to maintain its quality. We suggest the following steps:

• Use the recommended cleaning solution. If none is available, warm water mixed with a mild cleaning detergent will do the trick.

• Soak the sunglasses for a few minutes in the solution.

• Use your index finger and thumb to remove the dirt, dust and grime on the lenses and frame.

• Rinse the sunglasses with warm tap water.

• Buff the sunglasses with a very soft, dry cloth. Fabrics with abrasive materials are a big no-no.

Regular Checking 

You must also check your sunglasses for loose screws, missing parts and cracked lenses, among other possible defects. These flaws should be addressed immediately to prevent possible accidents like eyes being poked with screws and eyes being injured by cracked lenses. You should also check the sunglasses’ alignment. We suggest taking your sunglasses to a professional repairman instead of aligning these on your own. Check for warranty as it may still apply.

Yet another step is to keep the lenses as scratch-free as possible. You may use special solutions to achieve this end, which will be worth the investment. For just a few dollars, your expensive sunglasses will always look as good as new, not to mention that it will still provide for the best protection against the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays for your eyes. 

Proper Handling

Many problems associated with sunglasses can be traced back to improper handling. This is particularly true for the frame since it can easily be bent out of shape. Use both your hands when removing the sunglasses away from your face. You will then avoid distorting the frame, thus, preserving its correct alignment. Keep in mind that when the frame is misaligned, the lenses tend to look lopsided, too, when you wear the sunglasses.

You should also store your sunglasses in a hard protective case when these are not in use. Such protective case also helps to protect the sunglasses from the impact of other objects. However, do not place sunglasses on the car’s dashboard even when it is inside its protective case since the strong heat from the sun can damage the frame and the lenses.

Now, you are ready to enjoy the benefits of your designer sunglasses for a long time to come.