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Tips for Using a Travel Purse

Whether you are flying across the country or taking a hike in the nearest national park, a travel purse can make your journey easier and more comfortable. There are certain items you always want to have with you when you step outside your door. Photo identification and cash are the two main items. But depending on where you are traveling, you may also require your credit cards, checks, and passport. Since you will frequently need to use them, keeping them organized is important.

A travel purse is not your everyday purse. It is designed with multiple compartments that allow for easy organization of various items including your cell phone, digital camera, and electronic reader. You can also separate your travel documents such as air tickets and itineraries into a separate pocket. Your money, credit cards, and checks will be in one section while your passport and driver’s license will be in another.

You may decide to still use a wallet with your travel purse. This is acceptable although it is suggested you hide some money in a secure interior pocket of the purse. You should also have an emergency credit card available that is not in the wallet. Wallets can be stolen easier than bags because you may not immediately notice your wallet is missing. Busy airports and shops are prime theft spots.

Your bag should be large enough to hold a waterproof jacket in case you run into inclement weather. There are also compact umbrellas you can purchase that should fit into your bag. Many travelers like to keep hand sanitizer and a travel size toothbrush with toothpaste in their bags.

Keep snacks in your bag at all times. You never know what to expect when you are traveling. A granola or candy bar can feed your hunger if you are delayed for some reason. Be sure to replenish your snack stash each time you dip into it. If your bag has an outside pocket, you might want to consider adding a bottle of water.

You do not want your travel purse to be too heavy. This is particularly true if you are flying because you want to take your bag on board with you. Your electronic devices will weigh the most. Be sure you weigh your bag before you get to the airport. Remove unnecessary items if you have to in order to meet the weight requirements of your airline for carry-on luggage.