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Top 10 Fall Fashion Tips For Men

Before you know it fall will be here. With the incoming new season, new trends are swept in as well. This fall, make sure your guy has the trendiest things on the top 10 list below.

* Cardigan Sweater – these sweaters go a long way. They can be paired with slacks, khakis and even jeans. No matter what the event or situation calls for, you can bet the cardigan will be a perfect match.

* Nice jeans are important in a man’s wardrobe. Most men are comfortable in jeans, but they should choose jeans that fit well. Jeans come in many different washes, styles and price ranges. Investing in a pair of “dress” jeans will prove to be handy.

* Khakis are another must have. Khakis are good when an event calls for more than casual but less than formal attire. Khakis are available in different colors and even in come in cargo form. Always keep a pair of these handy.

* A lot of weddings take place in the fall so having a pair of dress slacks on hand will be beneficial. If the event is semi-formal, usually a full suit is not required. If the event calls for a black tie affair, a good suit is handy.

* Jacket and Tie or a suit, if your man doesn’t already have one. Suits are good for potential job interviews and attending funerals or weddings. While a finely tailored suit can be very expensive, it can last several years, especially if only worn for special occasions. It also saves the expense of having to rent a tuxedo every time an event arises.

* Dress shirts to be worn under the suit and/or to work. Dress shirts come in different styles: long sleeved, short sleeved or with stripes. Having a few different colors in the closet will help him coordinate with an event.

* Polo shirts show sophistication, yet comfort at the same time. Polo shirts come in many different colors and styles and can be worn with just about any type of pants. Talk about useful!

* Shoes – one pair for dressy occasions and one for casual wear. Having a pair of sneakers is also a necessity, especially for outdoor activities such as mowing the lawn or other yard work. Sneakers are also less casual and can be worn with jeans.

* Accessories – mainly ties and belts fall into this category. A black belt is a staple in every man’s wardrobe and so is a tie, especially if your man is employed in the business field. A nice watch is a must have in addition.

* Dressy socks – have you ever seen a man wear regular white socks with a suit? If so, then you know the importance of having at least one pair of dress socks. Dress socks will complete the outfit whether worn with a suit or a pair of slacks or khakis.

It is not imperative for a man to have a huge wardrobe. Most men are creatures of comfort and only wish to keep clothes around that provide that comfort. However, for special occasions and work purposes, sometimes a man’s wardrobe is a bit more extensive. The above list is 10 items that every man should have in his closet this coming fall.