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Top 5 Hot Lolita Dresses in 2012

Lolita dresses are always an eternal force in the fashion world. Due to sweet and graceful look, these clothes are loved by females in different age groups. When fashion trends are updated one after another, what¡¯s popular in the Lolita world in 2012? Below, you will see 5 Lolita dresses leading the trend this year. To make some nifty differences on your appearance, you may be interested in stopping at here for minutes.


Top 1: Suspender Lolita Dress

The dress features a yellow shivering underskirt. It makes the wearer seem rather princess-like. It seems like the inner worlds of Lolita girls¡¯ hearts are colorful. Bright colors spirit people up instantly. The ball gown seems graceful and romantic. It especially fits girls who are in love.


Top 2: Princess Impression Lolita Dress

Dense palace sense is detected on this cream Lolita dress with shivering. Step into a European style building and put on a light-colored Lolita dress with large flowers. You will feel the romantic way aristocratic girls are. It feels like going into the fairy tale world in Alice in Wonderland.


Top 3: Cosplay Lolita Dress

You can become a kimono girl on a costume play party with this dress. It features black shivering. Being worn for a costume show, it doesn¡¯t only enhance the warm and romantic sense, but also expresses the wearer¡¯s inner world. Dance on the party, you will be the star there!


Top 4: Empire Waist Lolita Dress

Empire waist looks great with the wine red flowers. The dress helps you fit in the European styled environment. Dense European elements ooze out from the chocolate chamois woolen. The empire waist style also fits a party.


Top 5: Blue Corduroy Lolita Dress

A dress with blue-based shivering seems so graceful and fresh. Different with those colorful dresses, this one brings us into a rural environment. There, you can feel a little cold wind and see European styled buildings. It keeps the body warm. A simple style, together with understated blue shivering, makes the girl seem rather noble!

Author bio: Katherine is a devotee for fashion, like many other young girls. Except Lolita dresses, a lot of wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses and prom dresses are reviewed on her costume blog. To charm the crowd with a really desired gown, visit Miccostumes.com directly.