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Top Fashion Designers

Because of fashion designers all your dreams about certain design of clothes come to reality. Every designer has a unique style that they offer. Your personal achievements and fame over the years will earn you a slot at the top fashion designers. Below is a list top fashion designers discussed in details;

Christian Dior

He was born in Normandy based in France in 1905. He studied political science due to insistence of his parents. With such educational background, Dior was called to serve in the armed forces. He returned to Paris in 1935 with the aim of living his dreams now. He started by selling fashion sketches to make some money. Over the years the sketches improved and he got hired by a top designer by then Robert Piguet.

In 1941, Dior established his own fashion house by the aid of Marcel Boussac an entrepreneur. His designs were mainly based on making long skirts, rounded shoulders and cinched waist. He was able to create several line of fashions which included, Christian Dior boutique (Deluxe and Fur), Haute Couture and Haute Fourier. Let's not forget the awards that bear his name. He was awarded the Neiman-Marcus award and Parsons Medal for Distinguished Achievement in 1956. Dior will be remembered for making Paris the home of fashion again.

Coco Chanel

Born in Saumur, France in 1883, she spent most of her childhood in orphanage as her parents died when he was just 12 years. Chanel's female relatives taught her how to sew, this inspired her to take the line of fashion. Her first designs being hats, they immediately found popularity in the streets.

She always made her designs be simple but at the same time comfortable. In 1923, she brought in an elegant suit for women at the time. It had a knee length skirt trimmed along with a boxy jacket. You could find any fashion accessory in her boutiques. Over the years her fame grew and she was even hired to dress most of the Hollywood stars such as Audrey Hepburn. She was able to make her name as the icon of women's fashion.

Donna Karan

She was a born and bred in America. She was inspired to get into fashion design by her stepfather who used to deal and sell sewing accessories. She attended the Parson's School of Design. She started her career by designing for Anne Klein as their top designer.

Her designs at first were based on 7 essential pieces which by now have grown to over 200. They included a dress, leggings, a blazer, a wrap skirt, a longer jacket, a bodysuit and a chiffon jacket. In 1988, she introduced the DKNY line which reflected the lifestyle of New York and also more affordable. She was an inspiration to many American designers.

Giorgio Armani

He has made his name as the most successful Italian designer of all times. He was born in 1934 in Piacenza in Italy, he spent his earlier years in studying medicine. Later he came into fashion after designing the menswear line dubbed Hitman; he was then hired by Nino Cerruti.

He worked as freelance designer over the years until in 1975 when he set up the Giorgio Armani label with support from an entrepreneur Sergio Galeotti. Over the years he has been among the top fashion designers by his relaxed suits for both men and women same to his jackets. He has earned countless awards and even Honorary Doctorate. Now he works by dressing most of the Hollywood Stars. He is a true icon of the modern fashion.

Michael Kors

Born in 1959 in New York, he attended the Fashion Institute of technology to study fashion design. At the age of 19 years he had already started designing clothes. This made him to drop out of FIT to design for Manhattan boutiques. By 1981, Michael had established his name in the fashion industry with major stores like Bloomingdales, Saks Fifth Avenue selling his designs. He also has countless awards and achievements pegged on his name.


Founded in 1978, Escada over the years has grown to become an international fashion group focusing on women's clothing. It has now also introduced shoes and bags to its collection. Currently it has major stores in 60 countries with America and Europe being their main sale markets. Now it is owned by Megha Mittal after it fell bankrupt in 2009.