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Transitioning your wardrobe from summer to fall

Summer time is disappearing fast and fall is approaching, what to do with those summer clothes? Well, this year, instead of packing the clothes away, consider keeping them out with the rest of your clothes and transitioning them to be useful for you in the fall as well.

* Tee shirts can still be worn on most days. If the weather is a little chilly, wrap a sweater around you or layer your tees over a long sleeved shirt. You have just revamped a summer shirt and made it through another season. The same can be said for your dresses. Pull a nice cardigan on or a blazer and transform the dress into a new piece for the fall.

* While shorts may have to be put away as the fall progresses, the temperature is often nice enough to continue wearing Capri’s. Capri’s are available in many different colors and styles, including dressy ones for work. If you have Capri’s in your wardrobe, hang onto them through the fall and you will extend the miles that you will get out of them.

* While sandals may not be appropriate for some fall days, flats certainly are. Flats are good coordinating shoes that will go with any outfit, whether formal or casual. Best of all, flats come in many different colors and can coordinate with different color outfits.

* Summer accessories can still be used in the fall. Sunglasses can be used throughout the year. After all, just because its fall does not mean the sun isn’t still shining. Sunglasses and hats can be utilized year round.

* Mini skirts are a staple in the summer time. They can be carried over into fall with the addition of tights and high boots. The resulting statement will ooze great fashion sense and will leave others wondering why they haven’t tried it.

* Accessories are a staple to any outfit in any season. Utilize scarves and darker purses with your summer wardrobe and the change will be pleasing.

There are many ways to transition your summer clothes into fall. Many items can be paired with a sweater or a scarf to create a brand new ensemble with very little or no extra money spent. Keep your coordinating accessories in fall colors and themes and nobody will be the wiser that your clothes have moved from summer to fall with you.