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Tween Fashion Trends

Tween Fashion has been the buzz for the past few years. A child, who is neither an adolescent nor a young kid, belongs to the category. She or He is somewhere in between - usually from 10 to 12 years in age. The fashion trend is unique in its own way and may be seen as a compromise
between the taste and expectations of Tweens and their parents. The dresses are not as cute as those meant for the young kids but are also not as revealing as those for the grownups.

Tween Fashion offers a huge range of colors for you to choose from. At the age, tweens float away from the childish styles and look for something that is a little more grown up.

Popular Outfits

Miniskirts, jeans and Tee shirt dresses are the most common and sought out options related to the fashion for tweens. However, certain additions are made in order to ensure that they are a little less revealing.

They feel a little more independent at the age and their clothing reveals their personality. This also led to the inclusion of customized Tee Shirts in the Tween Fashion. Their popularity is growing at a tremendous pace and the same is likely to continue in the times to come. Custom printed Tee Shirts allow the tweens to speak their mind and portray their personality. Pre printed Tee Shirts with funny remarks, cute sayings and interesting designs are equally popular.


Accessories are a popular and necessary inclusion when it comes to Fashion for Tweens. There is a huge range on offer and allows you to customize your style as per your desire. The options include earrings, bracelets, necklaces, hair accessories and rings to name a few.

The similarity in style of Tween Fashion with that of the junior department is one big reason for the huge popularity of trends among younger counterparts.

Fashion Trends - Tween Girls

The fashion trends that are popular among the tweens are basically an extension of the styles that emerged a decade ago. Spaghetti strap tops, chunky heals, baggy tunics and tight jeans hit the right chord among tween girls. Ballet flats and updated canvas slip-ons are equally popular. They come with a range of creative designs and color options, thereby making them even more attractive and popular.

Layers are also popular among the young girls. Tee shirts over camisoles or vice versa are quite common. The basic idea is to provide a design that has nothing in common with the clothes and accessories meant for kids. Anything that is similar to the lines of teens is much more popular.

Fashion Trends - Tween Boys

Tween boys are following the popular metro sexual look of the men's fashion. There are canvas shoes, low hanging pants and untucked dress shirts. Jewelry is no longer meant for women only and there are specially designed options for boys of age eight to 12. A few examples might include spiked belts or bracelets.

Printed Tee shirts carrying sarcastic sayings or pop culture references are also in Fashion.


Media is influencing Tween Fashion the most. There are tween fashion icons and inspirations, which have a huge impact on the trends and sales alike. Some of the popular figures include Justin Bieber and Selena Gomes. Disney, Nickelodeon, Rebecca Bonbon and Icarly are other popular inspirations guiding the Fashion for tweens.

Shopping for Tweens

There is a range of options when it comes to shopping for tweens. Not only most department stores provide you with a choice, a few online stores have also come up in the recent past that allows you to shop from the comfort of the home. The important point to understand here is that tweens are certain on what they want. It is; therefore, better to take them along while shopping for them. Else, chances are that you would need your receipts very soon. A few popular brands related to tween fashion includes Stuff by Duff (Hilary Duff), Mary-Kate and Ashley Olson, Abercrombie and Fitch, Old Navy and Gap among others.

There has also been a debate on the need of the line. Many are of the view that it is only meant to attract the kids and make sales and there is no real requirement of the same. However, the popularity of the Tween Fashion cannot be ignored in any case and the same is set to touch new heights in near future.