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Two Evergreen 1950s Men’s Fashion Classics

The 1950s brought about major changes in men’s fashion which would go on to shape the way we dress today: whether you are a child of the rock n roll decade or just a modern-day throw-back, it is time to grab a jar of Brylcreem, reach for your favourite Elvis LP and take a look at these two all-time classic menswear items which are still wardrobe essentials today…

Aloha Shirt

This colourful Hawaiian classic is a short-sleeved beauty which helped to introduce ‘casual Fridays’ to the western world and bring a ray of sunshine to the gloomiest of days.

A Chinese merchant used left-over kimono fabric to fashion a new breed of shirt back in 1930s Hawaii, it was not long before the new ‘Aloha’ shirts started to be imitated and in next to no time, they became a ubiquitous part of Hawaiian life for the locaevergreen-mens-classic-fashionsls;

By the 1950s, Hawaii became a popular destination for American tourists, who started bringing the novel shirts back home, cementing Aloha shirts as a staple in any 1950s wardrobe.

Hawaiian shirts would remain popular long into the 1960s, when a recently introduced Hawaiian custom ‘Aloha Friday’, (where employers would allow male workers to wear Aloha shirts on a series of Fridays throughout the year) would eventually become popular enough that it would spread across to the USA, where it would become known as ‘Casual Friday’.

These shirts are enjoying a come-back today; however, they have never really been out of fashion.

Desert Boots

Back in the war-torn deserts of WW2-era Africa, British troops would unwittingly end up inspiring a style of footwear which would become an instant classic to be found on the feet of everyone from straight-laced businessmen to teenage rebels of the 1950s: the Desert Boot

This boot had humble roots: a member of the Clark family (famous for shoe manufacture) was stationed in Burma, where he monitored the footwear worn by British troops in order to come up with new ideas for the company: by the mid-1940s, he would find himself in Kashmir, where similar boots used by locally-stationed troops helped him to pen a new, lightweight, comfortable boot design which would be robust enough to endure active use, but comfy enough to wear all day.

When this boot design ended up on sale to the public back in the 1950s, it became a huge success overnight, going on to receive widespread acclaim as a design classic, which would endure even to this day: a whole host of recent celebrity endorsements would go on to further establish this effortlessly cool design as a classic for the ages: fans include Oasis Frontman Liam Gallagher, Ex-PM Tony Blair and Reggae hit-maker Vybz Kartel, who even wrote a song dedicated to his favourite footwear, appropriately titled  ‘Clarks’. Image: http://www.sxc.hu/photo/560104

Johnny Hook is a retro clothing enthusiast who collects everything from 1950s blue suede shoes to novelty t shirts of the era.