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Types of Fur Coats

Fur coats are like trademarks, they distinguish a person’s stature in society mainly because they are very expensive and only the ‘high and mighty’ can afford them. Every stage in the making of these fashionable coats, from pelt production, to dressing, to design and manufacturing, are labor-intensive and requires skilled craftsmanship, which makes a major component in the final cost of these fur garments. Not to mention that it takes about one full year from the time a trapper or a fur farmer sends his furs to auction to the time the finished fur coat is ready for the consumer.

There are a lot of various types of fur coats on the market today, and for fur lovers it’s very important the type of fur coat you want to buy before beginning to search. Not having an idea on the types of fur coats that may be suitable for you or on the other hand the types of fur coats that are out there, can result to a much longer decision making process on your fur garment.

Here are some common types of fur coats in the market today, its origin and main characteristics that may be able to help you decide the type of fur garment you want:


Mink is the most popular of all fur coat types. This fur coat is sold worldwide, and according to some reports, this product accounts for the majority of the retail fur sales in the United States. The mink fur coats are commonly considered for their softness and lightness. The mink furs are so soft and dense. They have a silkier feel and can be dyed for a wide range of colors. This type fur coat can even be sheared for sport and casual look and is known in the market for their durability.

Fox Fur

Fox fur are some of the warmest fur coats available, they mostly consists of a thick undercoat, topped by a longer overcoat made of guard hairs. This fur is a native of Russia, Australia, South America, Scandinavia, and North America. If you’re planning to buy a fox fur coat, then you might want to decide on what kind of fox fur you prefer. Long haired, fine, and silky fox fur coats are popular all over the globe. You may want to start determining the type of fox fur coat that you want by knowing what color you want, as different color swatches come with different foxes such as grey cross fox fur, silver fox fur, white fox fur, red fox fur, blue fox fur, and artic fox fur.


A wild fur common in North America, the muskrat is the type of fur coat that is commercially appreciated for its natural beauty. Unlike the other fur coat types, muskrat features unique shadings of natural colors, including brown, beige, gray and gold. This fur type if full and thick and is often sheared for a sporty and casual look.

Sable Fur

 Sable fur coats are known for their rarity and silkiness. Russian sable fur coats in particular are renowned for its silky quality. So if you’re looking for a fur coat that is light weight and still keeps you warm, then go for Russian sable fur coat. Always remember though, that Russian sable fur coats are seen as a symbol of status due to its rarity and you’ll unlikely find a deal. If you’re on a lookout for your budget then don’t look for Russian fur.

Beaver Fur

Beaver fur has long been appreciated for its warmth and water repellent ability. These fur coats are mostly brown, and mostly North American. During the 19th century, beaver fur was very popular and used for many things. This fur has been used for jackets and other large garments, collars, and fur coats. Its high popularity in the 19th century made it so valuable that pelts were burned to keep the price from falling. Beaver fur hats were considered a symbol of status for men and fur coats a symbol of status for women. Truly, wearers of beaver fur coats which are long haired type of furs, were long measured to be a certain class or status, and generally the darker shades of brown are exceptionally warm, practical and were formerly rare.


Truly an American animal and fur, the raccoon is marketed throughout the United States and the world at a pretty high amount. The fur comes in gray and black with silvery tips over a dense underfur. According to some reports, the best raccoon has a silky feel and the shearing even silkier. It can also be sheared and is durable just like the other.

These are just some of the types of fur coats that may suit your taste and need. If you’re wanting to get into that luxurious fashion of fur coats, then its time to invest in one.