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Types of Handbags for Women

Early people began using handbags to carry their belongings, but through time, handbags evolved into accessories that can either make or break an outfit. Today handbags are more about making fashion statement than their purpose as practical carriers. A handbag is among the most vital factors of a woman's apparel. For most of women it's an obsession to have a variety of handbags in the closet to suit various occasions and outfits.

Handbags are known as a woman's best friend because they travel with them wherever they go and carry important belongings they need.There are many types of women handbags; some of them draw inspiration from others for their designs, while some are dissimilar from the rest. Some accessories are popular and will possibly never lose their appeal.

Shopping for women's handbag is a vital thing. A handbag is a great accessory to women's wardrobe. Most designers have designed graceful handbags for many years and the designs are continuing to get even better. Popular names such as Hermes, coach Dooney & Bourke, Gucci hobo and tote are some of the oldest brands that keep making classy handbags year in year out.

Coach is among the most popular brands. It is an American design that a lot of savvy women know about and would like to have at least one in their wardrobes. A classic Coach contains a C logo on the canvas and is durable. Many Coach are priced from $300 to $800. If you love retro and leather styling, then items from the Coach Classics collection are suitable for you.

Dooney & Bourke is another brand that has designed handbags for many years. They have a collection of handbags. They include the signature collection, the leather collection, the fabric collection and the grafica collection. All Dooney handbags can be worn daily and can match any outfit. The colors are so natural and women will not mind whether their handbag matches or not. These handbags are usually made of quality materials and outstanding craftsmanship.

Tote bag, popularly known as the shopper's bag is popular amongst teenagers as well as those women who are on the go. This bag comes with straps that can be attuned as per the needed length. It also has a classy zipper closure, making it classy yet so practical. Hobo bags are bags which are always defined by the crescent shape. They chomp downwards when they are carried. Hobo bags are designed to wear on the shoulder. Hobo bags come with a roomy compartment with the zip top and they are very popular due to their effortlessness to carry on any event, while still looking classy.

Personalized quilted duffel bag is a thing for luxurious travel as well as sleek style. Classically graceful and completely refined, this beautiful, personalized overnight bag will accommodate all your essentials for the romantic night or a fast jaunt to the gymnasium. In every occasion, you will be in high fashion with this bag. It is the best gift for all the ladies on your list.

There are other brands that are newer to designing handbags. Lucky Brand is among them. This brand has vintage design leather handbags. Many of their handbags feel just like butter since the leather is extremely soft. Lucky brand handbag is ideal for carrying daily and can go with sweatpants and jeans.

Whether you own a cloth bag or a leather bag, make sure that you store it properly. Keep your handbag inside the closet. Keeping it outside the closet can attract dust and impede its durability, making it appear dull. You can also store your handbag in the cloth bag to be sure its proper maintenance.

Shopping for handbags today has become fast and convenient because of the Internet. There are thousands of online stores offering a wide selection of handbags, from embroidered totes, stylish fashion purses, personalized travel bags to monogrammed toiletry bags. One can find many different designer handbags and customized handbags online at reasonable prices. Consequently, savvy ladies shop online than going out to purchase handbags in local shopping stores.

Stella has worked in many different women's clothe design companies as the graphic designer. In her career, Stella worked in various designer industries and has ample experience with fashion stylists.