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Types of Purses Guide

While the use of purses dates back to the 14 century, handbags and purses have by no means been as trendy as they are today. The last decade has witnessed a rise in the popularity of the designer handbag so much that they seemed to have replaced shoes as a woman's main object of desire.

Today’s female is starting to view the purse as not only a desired “fashion” accoutrement but more as a “necessary” accessory to go with the best fashions. In fact, using the same purse everyday is virtually unheard of in a woman's world.
It is a fact that most women require at least 3 different purses in their closets, and often a lot more than that. Usually the least 3 will include, a sizable and functional tote or shoulder handbag, a clutch purse or some type of evening bag for nights and of course a medium sized handbag that is multipurpose for a variety of day wear.

For purse addicts, possessing 3 types of purses is not only inadequate, but would cause a roar of laughter. For most women fine designer purses are getting to be an integral part of their closets together with numerous fashions and top brands.

Types of Purses and Handbags

The Backpack - The backpack and especially the designer backpacks are very fashionable today mostly because they are functional and of course because the best designers, such as Muicca Prada keep making them better and better, such as Prada's more smaller, lighter and portable versions of them.

The Baguette: No, not the popular French loaf, but a purse shaped like it! First designed and made popular by Fendi, and branded the Fandi Baguette in 1997, it generally features a short shoulder strap and is of little to medium size.

The Kelly Bag by Hermes: Hermès named this famous purse of theirs after Hollywood movie star and Princess of Monaco, Grace Kelly, who was never without her Hermes bag. It is a classic and timeless purse that is still favored by many women today, as it is smart, in leather, has a tailored shape that is reminiscent of a briefcase or document case and is a very sophisticated style.

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Prada Messenger: The Prada Messenger handbag has seen huge popularity in the fashion industry and among women as of late. It is large and usually a soft shoulder bag that is fashioned on the traditional messenger bags that postmen carry.

The Birkin Bag: The Birkin was created in 1984 by Hermès under guidelines from British born actress and singer Jane Birkin, who desired a larger, less difficult to manage purse in which to tote her numerous items. Nowadays to be seen with a jumbo Hermès Birkin handbag is the ultimate status symbol and the peak of celebrity.

Tote Bag: One of the necessities of any woman’s wardrobe. The tote bag features a large open top with two straps or handles. Usually used for very casual days and outdoor outings, but really can be taken anywhere a woman desires. They are often colorful, come in all types of fabrics including, leather for business and more formal wear.

Box Purse: Frequently doubling as a vanity case, this type was popularized in the 1950s when purses were frequently produced from Lucite, a glistening, hard substance usually known as Perspex. The name Box bags comes from the fact that they are cigar box shape and at modern Box Bags are made from wood, straw, cane and plastic. Lucite also has seen a recent popularity in its re-emergence.

Bucket Style Purse: This purse first made its appearance in 1933, and provided a popular and cool fashion accessory that was way above the norm. Based on the form of a bucket this purse style still enjoys popularity today but is mostly made in leather.

The Clutch: This is the most enduring of all purse styles and has been around for ages. It's a true classic that goes anyplace, fits under the arm and has a rectangular shape. Mostly it is used for night time wear and for formal occasions. Numerous versions in all types of sizes and fabrics have been designed through the years. The clutch bag has been used in the day and evening and these days oversized clutches can be seen in fashion, which is in line with today’s tendency for larger bags.

The Hobo: This is a soft, usually crescent shaped slouchy bag that is very favored by Gucci.

Kate Spade Bag: American designer Kate Spade set out to make a bag that is cost effective and still fashionable but never boring or plain. Often dubbed by women as the purse that goes with everything. Spade is most known for her box shaped bags and are always made of very soft materials.

The Murse or Manbag: A man’s purse which is fast becoming a hot fashion item for men owing both to their practicality and street cred. Manbags are right on trend this season.

Pouch: A soft, fairly small purse that often comes with a drawstring, which was designed to be worn underneath clothing in the early 1900s. Today numerous variations are available and they are mostly used for evening wear.

Saddle Bag: Based on the shape of a horse's saddle, this shoulder strap type of purse has a long front flap and is quite practical for holding all types of stuff, including laptops and school or work materials and is perfect for everyday use.

The Satchel: A hard framed, handheld handbag reminiscent of a school satchel, some have a shoulder strap.

Other Interesting Purse Styles and Types

Monogrammed Purses - a purse with a first initial or first and last initial featured on the bag.

Dog Purses - any purse large enough to tote a small dog - a la Paris Hilton!

Jelly Handbags - made with rubberized PVC jelly.

Photo Purses - images are directly printed onto the fabric of the purse.


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